• @Private-Mike Hey, since both you and I are new to all of this. Would you like to try out the online game against each other?

    I have no idea how it works, what it costs etc.

    We won’t need to worry about bids, since awe are both so new it shouldn’t matter.
    We could flip a coin or do some dice rolling to see who gets to pick which side and go from there. Learn this stuff together and at the same level of experience.

    (BTW. I live in China, which I’m getting ready to go back to, so I’ll be in quarantine for 2-3 weeks , which means I’ll have some time on my hands. )

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    I have played 1 game of G40, so i’ll take up your offer.
    Triple a is free to play. I can help with set up.
    Pm if your interested. I’m east coast united states, so the time difference means only 1, maybe 2 turns per day at best - not a bad thing for 2 newbies 🤔 more time to think!

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    @mainah i’ve actually been playing the physical version with a friend for 3 and a half years, and we are lucky if we get more than i full round in on a saturday night, and its still very enjoyable!

  • @mainah I have no idea how to PM, but yes lets do it.

    I’m wanting a global game, no bid.
    I’m just looking for experience at this point and am not clear why the allies need a bid. Also, the experienced players seem to think a bid isn’t needed if the players are new.

    I’ll play the Allies in our first game if you would like, but I’m fine with Axis as well your choice.

    Also, a turn a day may be ambitious until after Wednesday.

    And yes grandpa, (me), will need assistance with how to get this thing set up and running.

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    @Stough @mainah @Aaron_the_Warmonger
    Guys, I have moved your game appointment to the “Find Online Players” category, as this was off-topic in the previous thread.
    Enjoy your game 🙂

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