question airfield and naval base

  • my question is if germany capture france as a example I know major factory go to minor but what happens to the captured minor and airfields and naval base

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    @doomer1940 From the Rulebook, Europe 1940.2, page 20/21:

    "Any industrial complex, air base, and/or naval base
    located in the captured territory is now controlled by your
    side (see “Liberating a Territory,” on the next page). If
    you capture an industrial complex, you can’t mobilize
    new units there until your next turn. If you capture a
    major industrial complex, it is immediately downgraded
    to a minor one. If you capture an air base or naval base,
    you can’t use the added flight or sea movement or receive
    repairs until your next turn.

    Any damage previously inflicted on a facility remains in
    place until it is repaired (any damage markers beyond 6
    on former major industrial complexes are removed)."

  • oke tanks for the replay next time I need to read better 🤦

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