TripleA - a request from a player to a designer

  • I have “fix” requests regarding two maps in TripleA:

    First, in both '41 and '42 versions of Anniversary, the official errata optional rule regarding SZ 16 (the Dardanelles rule) was omitted. It would be great if that could be added in. It caused a fairly significant fiasco in a recent game.

    Second, I know this is a map in development but the destroyer units in Europe '99 (“Europe - Alpha” map as its called in TripleA) attack: 3 defend: 3 but offshore: 2. Currently it’s set to the pre-errata condition offshore of “3”.

    A great many thanks to all those who work to keep TripleA going!



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    I have moved this topic to the TripleA-support category, as it is somehow unrelated to our forum or the website.
    In that case however I recommend that you address map makers/developers directly at triplea-game. org:

    This is the map-maker category to address your issues.

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