[House Rules] The 20 IPC Question....

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    You guys look at YG G40 house rules too for any more bal mod ideas.

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    I haven’t looked at YGs stuff too much, although I know there is some overlap with what others have done. They’ve definitely put a lot of work into it. Interested in how their 8 sided die is working out. That seems real promising.

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    No. Barney. I believe it’s for the d6s. I m involved in the d8 deluxe game your talking about.

  • I’m doing the 11 IPC Cruiser. I know that pairing it with a battleship will change the med fight quite a bit and dramatically change the battles around London. So I’ll see if i get more play with this.

    I’ll do pairing with the BB next game which will help the UK out quite a bit weakening the luftwaffe(good thing) and slightly help the Italians in the med. So early game might balance out. I think that the pairing with BB might be the best solution to be honest.

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    Here are other suggestions–just to put them out there for your considerations

    Bomber 13 Cruiser 11
    Cruiser move 3 without naval base
    Cruiser move 4 with nb
    Cruiser fires “1” as AAA before combat or against 3 units
    Air participates in a pre battle with other air only (but Cruisers and AAA join in this round only)

    Carries 1 infantry (this one causes many choice conflicts as you cannot combat/noncom and fight/land/bombard you have to pick 1 thing from each list)

    Not sure why you’re boosting it in combo with another unit as that’s actually a buff for the BB, not the cruiser, the BB is correctly priced, and many of these pairs exist at game start but not typically later on)

    Few people buy cruisers but like many people have dreamt of, i’ve built a Operation Cruiser Crush strategy (US KGF or JAPAN). I’m just can’t present it to the group because it is so dang wimpy in comparison to my Operation Setting Sun.

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    been dicking around with it on triplea. There’s gonna be CAs and BBs everywhere lol : )

    Well…maybe not. What I like about keeping the CA at D3 is it doesn’t screw the RD1 battles too much. Or that’s my hope anyway : ). Germany whacking the UK and French in 110 is almost as key as taking France imo. 111 not as much, but if those CAs hit at D4 with a BB, could be a tough day for the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine.

    Seems as if Japan could benefit and maybe UKP if they wanna do a suicide counterattack. Italy if theirr BB lives. Anyway, I’m gonna try it out : )

    @taamvan yea some good ideas.

    I like the pairing idea so that BBs and CAs both need to be bought to take advantage of the tweak. Those are obviously the least purchased. Just a bunch of CVs, subs and DDs otherwise…or…well…probably. In case you didn’t get my disclaimer earlier…I’m not a very good player heh heh : )

  • never buy battleships ever. never buy cruisers

    Depening on what you have from before;

    1DD 2 sub
    1 CV, 1 sub
    1dd 1 bomber
    2 fighters

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    @taamvan I disagree. Pricing is way off but my imo. So we just disagree on that. Cool.
    So Barney you making Cruiser change for in BM right ? AA included ?
    Here’s what I have in my game. I know IL mentioned H. and L. Cruisers. But as I stated in prevous post, I think its best to find the Happy Medium.
    Cruisers D12
    A7 D7 M3 C9 AA@2 SHS3 Shot at a plane First round only. You get a choice shot on First round only. Plane or ship.
    Cruiser D6 converted
    A4 D4 M3 C10 AA@1 SHS2 Shot at a plane only First Round.

    As stated. All theory’s. Need all these ideas played out and posted reports here on site.
    Besides other changes to game to be changed even before you think about the cruiser issue. IMO

    OK leaving for awhile. May not be back for good.

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    might not come back ? well maybe take a break instead. If not good luck : )

    Yea the changes can be used for BM or the oob game.

    At first I thought CAs defended at 12. I was like whoa ! heh heh Gonna try a test game here in a bit

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    Cool. Post a report.

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    @SS-GEN will do. Looking forward to trying it out. been a while since I did a big change.

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    Maybe the cruiser being A4 D4 would help more in oob to help eliminate the bid.

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    @SS-GEN yea idk. would help Japan a lot too. My concern is that D4 would make the 110 SZ rd 1 battle pretty hard on Germany

    Also, I think the defensive fleet usually has the advantage, which can lead to big fleets having standoffs instead of battle

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    Ya but it would slow down Germany. See there’s to many things in oob that have to be tweaked. Imo

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    Restrict Japan tank buy, M1 only for all motorized units in Asia and Siberian territory’s up to Nov. I’ll stop. Lol

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    @SS-GEN yea I don’t really know. While I enjoy the game, I’m basically a low to intermediate player.

    Pretty much Russia just needs more dough in oob. I just try and add as many ideas that seem worth trying to triplea so it’s easier for people if they actually want to put thought to practice : )

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    @SS-GEN heh heh no worries. I use “Primitive Terrain” for most of China except for some non coastal TTs and Soviet Far East. All land units can only move one. Doesn’t effect planes.

    Slows Japan marching to Russia down a bit

  • Alright this is where I am with this cruiser situation. 11 IPC’s and attack at 4 when paired with a battleship. Otherwise defends on a 3 and bombard on a 3.

    Or just keep them at 12 and just allow 1 infantry transport. I still see the utility of it as the main reason to buy. But having it at 11 allows you to buy 1 cruiser and a sub turn 1 with UK pac.

    Another thing is having the cruiser able to transport troops allows faster island hopping for EVERYONE. Not just Japan. Sure they can get a few extra places but anzac can now build a combat fleet AND drop a guy off on the money islands. Same with US and UK. Maybe that would be best. I would be much more willing to buy a 12 IPC cruiser if i could move an infantry around.

    What about this…
    The destroyer is the infantry of the sea right? So why don’t we just change that 2 Attack to a 1 and have the cruiser act like artillery for infantry. So every destroyer paired up with a cruiser has an attack of 2. This would force people to buy more subs for offensive punch. What do you think of that?

  • @barnee
    Well if you use the Tamvaan mode PLUS you make the cruiser cost 12, able to transport 1 infantry and A4 and D4 when paired with a BB you could balance out both germany and japan since you slightly buff the Soviets and anzac enough to counter Japan.

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    @Mursilis said in [House Rules] The 20 IPC Question....:

    Well if you use the Tamvaan mode PLUS you make the cruiser cost 12, able to transport 1 infantry and A4 and D4 when paired with a BB you could balance out both germany and japan since you slightly buff the Soviets and anzac enough to counter Japan.

    Yea I like the idea of taamvan’s mod because it doesn’t change much. I think I’ll make the NOs except for lenningrad a $3 option. Give some more flexibility with it.

    Is that what you’re trying now ? My initial thought is that D4 might be too powerful, as my impression is the defensive fleet usually has the advantage.
    I’ve never tried it though.

    Only made it a couple rounds in my test game before I decided on another approach : ) so haven’t really got much action with A4.
    Decided to let planes target capital ships before regular combat starts. Didn’t seem right that AA shooting at them and they just gotta take it heh heh.

    Anyway, let me know if you want a triplea option for testing.
    Rock On 🙂

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