Crazy Idea for Large Maps?

  • So I have been considering building a custom game table with one of the large printed maps like IL’s Supreme map.  I saw a video on Youtube (I can’t post links - search “Board game table TV”) and had an idea… could possibly be a terrible idea, but I wanted to know if anyone has considered this or not?

    That table has an insert for a TV for playing DD.  I was recently shopping for TV’s and was shocked at how cheap they were compared to a few years ago.  A 55" 4K UHD TV was running aroun $400 and I figure a lower name brand could be had for around $300.  I wondered if the table could be built around a 4K UHD TV and then the high res map be loaded into the TV to play.  The advantage would be you could change maps fairly easily and you could also change it for maps from other games as well.  So for basically a similar price to printing one large scale map at $300 you could have unlimited map options.

    I thought of possible burn in but  possible solution would be to somehow have the map image change slightly like a light wave or every five minutes have it change for ten seconds.

    Is this a ridiculous idea or would something like this be possible?


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    Hi calaski

    Idk if it’s possible but it sounds way cool 🙂

    I would suggest paying the extra $100 or just get a Samsung. Whatever you decide I would stay away from all things “LG”

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    I saw that stuff too while researching what table to build. Provided you have a shield of plexiglass or glass between it and the top should be ok. Flat screens can get damaged by holding the screen with slight pressure. So not a good table top on its own. But should work below protection. My only other consideration would be to allow for airflow preventing overheating. Maybe use a walmount installed flat lower below, so you can raise and lower the monitor easier. Or consider a projector from below. Not sure on the prices or feasibility of this. Never tried it.
    Possibly try it out with a used tv first. One with lines in the screen etc. Lots of people give those away.

    If you go ahead with this let us know how it goes.

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    Cool idea, but I have three things that I might be worried about besides the protection and overheating already mentioned:

    • screens emit light which can be strain your eyes after hours of play

    • the same light from the screen might make it harder to see the number and colors of chips underneath your units

    • a 55 inch screen is not big enough to play AA 1940 Global, so consider carefully which games your group plays

    So please give it a try using and old screen as Rank Carcass suggested. Looking forward to your “test results”.

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    A few years ago, there was a discussion somewhere on this board about a similar idea that involved a somewhat different approach: using a computer data projector in combination with a table whose surface consists of a large sheet of translucent white plastic set within a hollow supporting framework with table legs at the four corners.  This approach would address some of the problems mentioned by Tjoek, but it comes with a problem of its own: how to place the projector far enough from the table to produce a large enough image.  Placing the projector directly below the table, with the lens aimed upward, would be too close to give a large image, unless the projector were somehow recessed into the floor or unless the table was, perhaps, located on the second floor of a two-storey house.  An alternate approach might be to aim the projector horiontally, from an adequate distance, at a large mirror fixed below the table at a 45-degree angle, but I don’t know if that’s workable either.

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    I thought about this as well, my 65" is not big enough for the OOB size…… after I saw that, I lol’d

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