A&A 1940 Global custom map files available for download

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    The providers of these files do not support piracy, copyright infringement, or the sale of these printed materials in any form. Therefore the release of these fan edited files are for non-profit under the fair use act stating that you must own a commercially available source of the same material. Therefore, to download any of these map files you must own both the Europe and Pacific 1940 Axis and Allies games. All rights are reserved by Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.

    Map files available for download:

    Development by Ambilzi:

    From Ambilzi…


    Hey folks! It’s a flat .tif file created in photoshop, just a high resolution file. Any reasonably functional photo viewing / editing program should be able to successfully work with it.

    The file was created on a Apple system, but that shouldn’t affect anything. I know it’ll open with the default image viewing software on a Mac. It appears to open fine in Windows Photo Viewer on my Windows 7 system as well.

    I can definitely create a .png version. I honestly don’t know why I chose .tif. Maybe out of habit. Maybe some of the difficulty some users have had were due to the fact that it was in CMYK before. CMYK is generally better for printing, so I would recommend the original .tif, if possible, if you intend on printing it out.

    Design by Young Grasshopper / Development by Ambilzi:

    From Young Grasshopper…


    It’s a jpeg file about 113MB in size with 200 pixels/inch, perfect for a 72"X33" print on matte laminated vinyl or styrene material.

    YouTube video description…

    Special Features Include:

    • Greater enhanced kamikaze and convoy symbols for easier visibility
    • Built in Naval and Airbase icons for quicker setups, and to conserve board space
    • A built in Battle Board for organizing units during large combat scenarios
    • A Game Play reference chart which includes order of play, starting income, and turn sequence
    • A Research & Development reference chart detailing both development charts available
    • A Unit Profile reference chart which includes the attack, defense, and cost values of each unit
    • A Combined Arms reference chart explaining modified rules for units matched with other units
    • A 72 space Income Tracker along the bottom half, and a 15 space Turn Tracker in the center
    • Touchups include a white border, a SZ# in the Caspian Sea, and a SZ#6 border correction
    • You also get a one piece creaseless board that won’t separate during game play

    Design by Young Grasshopper & Cyanight / Development by Abbilzi & Cyanight:

    From Cyanight…

    • Added Technology chart
    • Moved Turn Tracker down one row
    • Enlarged English Channel
    • Enlarged Bessarabia
    • Added Neutral roundels
    • Changed Pacific roundels to Union Jack
    • Added Enlarged roundels for Capitals
    • Changed Italy’s roundel to the WW2 Fascist roundel

    http://www.mediafire.com/view/yygavermgncv1rg/A%26A 1940 Global Game Board_1_U_010.jpg

    Design by Young Grasshopper & Cyanight / Development by Abbilzi & Cyanight:

    From Young Grasshopper…

    Modifications made to help players use a split UK nation house rule with a new order of play tracker.


    Design by Young Grasshopper & Ithaut / Development by Abbilzi & Ithaut:

    From Ithaut…

    I have put the map on my google drive under the zip 1940 board LT coming in at 133MB and a resolution of 21600x9900. I have not attempted to print this map yet and will probably need tips on how to do so. Hope you enjoy.


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    If any problems arise with the links to these files, please let me know through personal message.


  • Super! Thank you.

    Is there a safe way to edit and/or convert to “HR pdf”.
    I want to combine some features of both the map with the modified UK and extra marker and yours.
    Can the size still be scaled a little?

    Anything specific that the “printguy” needs to know? (sizes or whatever)

    Tried to convince my wife we needed a new kitchen table with removable top. Mission failed.
    Going to see the printguy thursday and see what is possible.

  • subs question
    if i attaking whit only plane and the zone i attack have crusier destroyer carrier and sub the defender can take sub for the hit the plane got thank i hope you understend my question englich is not my 1st spoke

  • Evening and welcome.
    In 1940, a Plane cannot hit a Sub, if the attacker does not bring a Destroyer to the battle.
    In your scenario the  answer, therefore, is no: the defender cannot take the Sub as a casualty.

  • thank sorry i put my post in wrong place

  • '17 Customizer


    I want to have the map printed in two pieces.  Where should the cut be to make one side the Europe 1940 map and the other side the Pacific 1940 map?

    Thank you,

  • @Young-Grasshopper Is the battle board attached to the game board? If so what happens to the sea zones that were below it?

  • @OperationGenesis

    The sea zones are still there and numbered properly, it’s still possible to use them.

  • @Young-Grasshopper

    Thank you Young Grasshopper, My friend and I are in the UK, want to move up to Global from Anniversary and yourself, DK and sireblood have caught our eye with the great work and love for the hobby you all do.

    I have both Europe and pacific and a printed Dk’s map. I like elements from all, and trying to come up with a Great version for 3 maps!

    1. I have DK’s map printed just right for a bit of AA G40 although, we have made a couple of rule adjustments regarding China capital, med/ convoy, and entrenchment 1 IPC cost. First person I found on youtube when looking to make the game better enjoyed the vids.

    2. I have now purchased BBR map and now spent time looking at it it has blown me away amazing got files for other game parts required. The rules and everything Sireblood has done is amazing.

    3. But also, I’ve got a strong pull and love for AA anniversary, always loved the National objectives, just always felt it needed the research beefing up a bit and couple more victory cities i.e. Cario. Best place to start for new players. Watching your videos I didn’t know if you would suggest for best improvements for Anniversary as well as printed map. As I know you have a cool card deck, and done some research modifications on this didn’t know what you would recommend? ie map and rule set for Advanced or Improved Anniversary?

    I think then them 3 variants of AA would be my Heaven

    1. A Grasshopper AA Anniversary game map and system, ( improved middle fun AA ) 2) A Sireblood BBR game map and system ( Globel improved game ) 3) A dk’s AA game map and system ( AA G40 light ).

    Regards Heroic

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