Amphibious assault in Hostile Sea Zone

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    I have a question that has probably been answered however I can’t find it or I’m just too lazy:

    Germany attack Egypts with a transport carrying 1 inf, 1 art and the BB attacks the CRU in the sea zone that the transport unloads from.

    This doesn’t make sense to me; how can the transport unload when the sea zone is hostile?  What happens if the BB loses to the CRU?  Are you forced to decide the naval battle first?

    I’ve read the rules and the FAQ.  I can’t really find an answer that makes sense.  A transport is ignored for movement however that doesn’t mean that a transport can ignore non-transport enemy units when it moves.  Or does it only apply to moving into a sea zone with a submarine?  TripleA allows it and it just doesn’t seem right.  And yes, I have lost a BB to a CRU.


    Kirk S.

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    Morning Craykirk.
    You do indeed have to do the naval battle first. You cannot unload a TT into a Hostile SZ.
    If you fail to clear the SZ, your TT will have the option (if not hit and sunk) of refreating one SZ from which one of the two naval units came. It will only be sunk with the cargo on board, if it was actually hit. (Not sure that can happen in your scenario of one on one.)

    AAA does have some errors, but I am surprised this was not picked up upon. When I play, if I, inadvertently, press: assault Philippines (for example), it will say: you must do the sea
    battle first.

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    Witt is right.

    Whenever I have inadvertently tried to conduct the amphibious assault before first conducting the associated sea battle triple a has told me that I must do that sea battle first.

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    Thanks…  I was a bit confused because it allow you to unload the units.  In a board game, it could be a bit confusing.  The rules really aren’t very clear about it.  I understand that you have to engage any enemy sea units in the area and I think the 1st or 2nd edition rules state something special about sea zones only occupied by enemy submarines.  And I think it’s a BB vs DST which could happen however 1/3 * 1/3 BB misses twice * 1/3 * 1/3 DST hits twice is 1/81.  I’m pretty sure I could manage to be on the wrong end of those dice!  😉

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