Amphibious Assault/Naval attack on land question

  • Hello all, first post and new to the game!

    So, I noticed transports can pick up and drop off troops. I also noticed that there is a way to use battleships and such to attack land based infantry. So my question is more of an example. I’m playing as America and I want to use battleships to take out some Axis troops in France before I use my Transport to unload an infantry and tank onto France itself. Evidently, I have at least one battleship and transport, there is no Axis navy in the waters inside the France Ocean Zone.

    How could I make said idea happen?

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    @Ivelity Welcome to the forum. 🙂

    Just use the “Battleship & cruiser bombardment”-step of the Amphibious Assault-sequence as described in the rulebook, page 15.

    During Combat Move Phase move the loaded transport together with the Battleship into the seazone you plan to unload from. As there is no sea battle you may use the Battleship to bombard the territory.

  • @Panther oh lol duh, me! Thank you for taking the time to read and answer, Panther. I appreciate it greatly. Thanks, and have a great day and/or game if you’re playing!

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