UK ships in the Mediterranean

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    This seems to be the place that most people put their bids.  Its usually a sub in seazone 98.  I wonder why there is no battleship in that seazone.  It seems they replaced it with a cruiser.

    In World War II the Queen Elizabeth was mined by Italian frogmen and grounded in the shallow water of Alexandria Harbour in 1941.  Now this game is supposed to start in 1940 wouldn’t you expect the Queen Elizabeth to be there?  As an interesting setup change that might help fix this is to replace the cruiser with a battleship.  This would almost be the same as 8 bid.

  • Must be a balance reason, but truth be told I don’t see the imbalance of another English BB in #98 instead of the CA.
    Considering the latest/seasoned axis strategies, the UK could even have that BB in #98 (in stead of the CA)AND a DD in #91/#106 without hindering the early axis onslaught.

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    It must be for balance, well said ItisILeClerc.
    Strengthening both sides of the Med, is definitely my idea of balancing things for the Allies.

  • Germany almost always hits both BBs around UK, and w/J1 attack it is possible that the UK will lose all its starting battleships before their turn rolls around (which is unrealistic for sure). If Japan doesn’t attack, the Pac BB it generally ends up in the Med, and for balance you wouldn’t really want them to have 2 BBs in the Med would you?

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    I would actually, Wild Bill. Italy should not be allowed to collect 20+ IPCs and rival or surpass the UK. Keep the Med British and Italy in its rightful (historical) place.
    Russia is far too weak, collecting no NOs for holding economic and political regions/cities, without Italy coming from behind.
    Something need to be done to redress the Eastern Front situation.

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    I was doing some research and wanted to find all the Battleships and compare them to their placement in the game.  I know there is many more Battleships that are not on the board but the Queen Elizabeth was a popular battleship like the Yamato.

    From my research the Royal Oak was the battleship near Scotland that was sunk along with the cruiser Hood.  There was also another battleship called the BARHAM that was sunk near Egypt in 1941. Also the battleship PRINCE OF WALES was sunk off of Malaya in 1941.

    Maybe the battleship off of London is the Queen Elizabeth or BARHAM and it was expected to move to the Mediterranean but in most AA games gets sunk on Germany’s first turn.

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    Each Battleship represents 2-3 Battleships and a handful of Cruisers and DDs.
    I think the UK had 12 at least. The Queen a Elizabeth and Barham were 1913 Dreadnoughts.
    The Hood was a Battlecruiser.

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    Ah, that makes sense.  I guess I thought the battleships and carriers were unique pieces and not representing multiple ships.

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