• so ive searched and could not find this answer…so my question is if a surface warship starts it turn in the same space as the opposing powers surface warships,can that ship move out of that space and ignore those opposing ships?or are they required to fight IF they want to leave the space…(i realize i can leave them there and do nothing)  and whileim at it…in other editions, whats the rule for this as well? an example being japan has ships on the pacific w. usa border and usa buys ships there on there turn so now on japans turn can they just leave that space they started the turn in without a fight (during non combat stage) thanks…

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    Afternoon tytyboogie. Yes they can leave the SZ. They have to stop if they move into another hostile SZ or when they run out of movement. I think the answer is probably in the first sentence on pg 16.

    In other games, the ships would have to move out in the Combat round or stay to fight.

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    There is no such thing as a contested sea zone.

    Personally, I don’t think this should even occur. One round of sea combat only; if the defender survives the attacker must retreat (and can still do so even after a victory).

    I can understand the logic behind a land force not being allowed to retreat after a victory - they have to consolidate their hold over the conquered tt.

    But why would ships remain behind in an empty sea zone, especially if they can retreat back into a friendly port for repairs and/or reinforcements from newly launched ships? Unless they wish to launch amphibious assault or enact USW why should they be obliged to remain behind and quite possibly become sitting ducks for enemy fleets? A case of being punished for success?

    The anomaly occurs when a player places new ships into a sea zone occupied by enemy fleet. Should a battle immediately occur? Or should the new ships only be “launched” in his next movement/combat cycle?

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