• Hi, got an in-game question:

    Germany took Moscow and received Russia’s IPCs. On its turn, Britain attacks the Germans in Moscow and now the territory is contested. Subsequently, neither the Ottomans or the Austrians enter Moscow, and now it’s Russia’s turn again. Do they collect income for the territories not controlled by the Central Powers at this point, even though Moscow is contested (In our case it would be 5, as Finland, Karelia and Kazakhstan are still Allied-controlled)? Also, if Germany attacks again, will it once again take Russia’s income without them ever having had a chance to spend the IPCs? It seems to me that in this case Russia would receive income, but my opponent points out that the rulebook says the capital has to be “liberated” before it does.


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    Your opponent is correct.  Russia cannot collect income again until it controls Moscow.

  • Much obliged. So, if Moscow is contested and hasn’t yet fallen, it draws income. After it is conquered, it loses IPCs. If contested thereafter, it doesn’t draw income until liberated. It follows then, that an ally such as the US can take control of a Russian territory if it captures one from the CP, while Moscow is contested but not liberated, yes?

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  • Good deal. Thanks

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