Counter attack in a contested territory?

  • I have what may be a very stupid question. Are you allowed to counter attack in a contested territory with units in that territory and from adjoining territories? Or is all the attacking done by the attacking country and can they keep attacking with units still in the territory and from adjoining territories? Just want to make sure we are doing it right. Thank you.

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    Welcome, japapam!

    When you attack on land, you attack with only the units in the selected territory (not those in surrounding territories).  The combat lasts for one round (each unit rolls only once), and the defending units return fire.

  • ok I get that now… now lets say its the defending players turn… can they attack with their units in that territory against the attacking units and are any units in an adjoining territory able to attack if they are moved into the contested territory? Like I said it may sound like a stupid question but just trying to get a full understanding

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    Yes.  Note that the power whose turn it is is always the attacker, regardless of who controlled the territory originally.

  • Thank you for the help!

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