Sea movement clarification

  • First time playing this game - I’ve seen similar questions on the forum but wanted to be sure cause it doesn’t seem intuitive to me.

    Russia starts with two cruisers in SZ 21 (Black Sea) and Ottomans with two cruisers in SZ 20 (Turkish straits). I understand you can move surface warships into a SZ containing enemy units, then choose to attack them or not. So Russia could move its two cruisers into SZ 20 on its first turn, but they choose to not conduct combat. Then the Ottomans have the choice to attack the cruisers or not, and let’s say they refrain from attacking and leave the cruisers there.  On Russia’s turn 2, they move the cruisers from SZ 20 to SZ 19, which is essentially using two turns to move through a hostile sea zone without combat. That’s all legal?


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    It is legal.

  • Thanks!

  • The Russian cruisers would still run the risk of striking mines, correct?

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