• Which tank do you choose?

  • im out of my realm here. i dont know enough about either of the tanks upgraded guns to make a choice. although i feel like the t34 has a better shot

  • I’m just a huge Firefly fan, so I’m gonna have to choose it. Thought really, both got the job done, were easily mass produced, and were both great tanks.

  • Did the Firefly see action in Korea?

  • Not to my knowledge no.

    From the 'pedia on the Firefly: “A similar example occurred on 14 June, during Operation Perch. Sgt. Harris of the 4th/7th Dragoon Guards, along with three standard Shermans, set up defensive positions along with the infantry after successfully driving out the Germans in the village of Lingèvres, near Tilly-sur-Seulles. Looking through his binoculars, Sgt. Harris spotted two Panthers advancing from the east. He opened fire at a range of 800 metres (870 yd), knocking out the lead Panther with his first shot, and the second Panther with his second. Relocating to a new position on the other side of the town, he spotted another three Panthers approaching from the west. From his well-concealed flanking position, he and his gunner, Trooper Mackillop, eliminated all three with just three rounds. Harris and his gunner had knocked out five Panthers with as many rounds, demonstrating the potency of the Firefly, especially when firing from a defensive position on advancing enemy tanks.[”

  • And because sometimes a 17 pound gun just isn’t enough…the Sherman Tulip has the answer

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    I can’t decide either Worsham. The 17lb gun on the Firefly was a great tank killer and did prove its worth in the West. It was understandably feared by German tankers and was always their first target. Some Fireflys had their guns camouflaged to look like regular ones to avoid unnecessary attention.
    The T34 has always been my target in video games and I know I do not give it enough credit(or the Russians). Its  numbers always provoked my ire and I would brew them up whenever I could.
    I will plonk with my kind and say I give the match up to the British Firefly, hoping that first long range shot sees off the T34.

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    I think I Go with the Sherman Firefly in this case, since I prefer a 5-men-crew in Tanks.
    This is my plus I give to the Firefly ,for wich I choose the Firefly over the T34/85.

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