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    Whether or not blocking a UN action actually does or doesn’t do something, it’s the perception the counts.

    All things being equal, I’d rather be a citizen of a country that appears to be doing something for the majority of the citizens of a country (read US of A) over that of being a citizen of a country that appears to be blocking actions that hold a dictator to account against the best interests of the majority.

    If you want to argue that its better to be lead by the Chinese in the case of Syria then let’s hear the premesis and conclusion.  I was just observing that the US seems to be doing the right thing on Syria.  Again, me say USA good on this one, but feel free to disagree or cast negative votes chuckles

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    In my opinion China does not have the moral high ground re. Syria and I never suggested otherwise. I only wanted to point out that your original comments strongly misrepresented China.

    Evaluating the morality/efficacy of the US position on Syria would belong in different thread, which I’d be happy to comment in and might well surprise you.

    To be on topic:
    On 9-11 I had just walked back to my dorm from a ridiculously early Russian language class and saw a crowd around the lobby TV. Seeing the events unfold gave me a surreal feeling. I was up to date on foreign affairs (including extremist groups) but never expected anything like that.

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    If you get NO days off… how the hell do you play Axis and Allies!?!?!

    ––2 “sick days” per month. I try to do everything I can on the 24 hours of each “sick day”. See family/friends, go to meetings/games, etc. Not much, though. Just ask anyone who knows a railroader how often they ever SEE them. Probably almost never.
    ----Hopefully I’ll soon be transitioning from a railroad conductor to a Railroad & Military History Museum Director.

    “Tall Paul”

  • I was at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma going through Advanced Individual training to become a Forward Observer.

    Our Drill Sergeants called us all down into the bleachers. We thought they were about to do a “health and welfare” inspection.(That’s where they throw all your stuff around in the squad bays looking for contraband) Then they told us what was up.

    We were pissed.

    The training got very intense after that and I think both the Drill Sergeants and us trainees approached the remainder of the training with a new sense of purpose and urgency. It’s as if we knew we were on the precipice of something very big…little did we know how big that something would be…

    about a year later I was in Kuwait…we knew what the deal was.

    21 March 03 I crossed the LD into Iraq with 3rd Bn 15th Infantry 2BCT 3rd Infantry Division…The first of many

  • Underway on board USS Providence SSN 719.  We had just LEFT the gulf to make our way home….we were already in need of repairs after 5 months of being deployed and had just made critical repairs to our electric plant.  It was about 2100 when every officer got called to the wardroom (we were at PD).  About an hour later while I was on watch finishing up some samples, we got told over the 1MC about the reports and the little info that was given to us.  Immediately this ship was on blackout comms back and forth, so the wife didn’t hear from me for two months.  We immedieatly turned around, flanked back, put two fish in the tubes, loaded up two tomahawks in the tubes, and found a welcoming committee waiting for us not knowing if they were friend or foe yet…it took about a week for them to denounce the attacks, but we didn’t know going in to that…Like to say after almost of a month of waiting, the ship launched every tomahawk we could at those fraking a-holes…we wanted to reload at Diego Garcia, but they said home is where we belonged…didn’t help that our Seawater systems were becoming fouled like a mofo after sitting off the coast for a month.

    Providence would then be called to do the same its next deployment against Iraq.  This time she did reload.  :evil:

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