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    A couple of pics from our game in turn six.

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    A couple more.


  • I think I have just decided to buy this its just too cool. Also I think the province in north Finland should be Tornio not Torin.

  • Only turn six and allies seems to get hard time in russia,india and africa…

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    Amazing  😮

    New map, painted units, the work.

    Will buy the new map next month, along with the Barbarossa one, and start a game as soon has I get it. 😄

    Keep us posted. Cheers

    J.  8-)

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    Thanks Radar,

    Honestly, the game is an ongoing hobby and there is still much to do. I’m happy to say that I’ll never be done aquiring pieces, painting, fabricating, and experimenting/improving.

    HBG has done such a wonderful job putting this together that it would be a sin not to put a lot of effort into Global 1939. Somebody did a hell of a lot of work here.

    I stongly recommend you get this map, dig into the rules (including the optional ones on their site) and run with it. The group I play with enjoy it immensely and we make a point to put aside on weekend a month to “go to war”.

    We’re just starting to integrate HBG’s markers and optional rules. From what I can see, this is shaping up to be the Mount Olympus of A and A games.

    From plotting Germany’s first turn two impulse moves, or the U.S./ANZAC/Canada Pacific strategy, this game will challenge you to no end. It is, in my opinion, the best A and A yet. This is from a player who owns and has played classic, global 1940, europe, spring 1942 2nd, d-day, anniversary, zeno’s world at war and central powers.

    Get this game, get the pieces, and paint 'em up. Get the markers, optional rules and get down with Global '39. The game is truly what you make of it. HBG has given you (and continues to give you) the means to play A and A the way you’ve always wanted to.

    Oh, incidentally, the Allies have decided to fold and restart. I received notice of their surrender today. My Axis partner and I have exercised our right as victors to choose our side for the next game. It looks like I’ll have the chance to experiment with that Japanese island strategy I’ve been thinking on.

  • hehe seems cool, we’re still at turn 3 right now… Might want to take pics as well and put them on 🙂 I really like this game, especially the pacific side of the map.

    I was just wondering why you didn’t take territories like belgian congo yet? There’s no army there and you can just grab it. Or did you add a houserule not to attack the neutrals?

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    We did not even consider taking the Belgian Congo as Italy was (too) focused on pushing the Commonwealth down the east African coast.

    Oh well, the game’s over now and we’ll be playing again in a couple of weeks.

    How is turn three looking?

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    😮 WOW!  😮 I am so blown away by what you guys have done here! Great job on this customization! It’s folks like you that inspire us to stay all night making cool new stuff.

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    Thanks Variable,

    Will be painting some more before the next game and eagerly awaiting the new markers. Can’t wait for the updated optional rules either.

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    I must be hallucinating.

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    Will post more pics from the next game. Maybe even include a progress report or turn summary. Hope to see some pics from other Global '39 games/players.

  • I have bought this game, and it should be at my door next week (we can’t wait, looks awesome). Started to reply, and ask questions. Didn’t want to infringe on koba’s thread so I started one. Please check it out, I’m looking for some basic info on the game.

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