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  • RE: What size map should I buy for GW1936?

    Don’t even fool around. Get the big one. I don’t play '36 but I have '39. As long as you have the room, the big map rules.

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  • RE: Twilight Struggle?

    This is THE game that made me take a break from Axis and Alliesa few years ago. When i discovered it, i just couldn’t stop playin it.

    Now, you can play it online for free on,  or way better, you can purchase it on steam for less than 20$ and have players ready to play at all time online.

    Here is the best site/forum to learn how to play, to understand all what you can do with each card :

    It’s a game of “damage control”. You have to play a lot of your oponent’s good events on yourself and the way you manage those events will eventually decides who will be the winner.

    Give this game a good shot (at least 4-5 games), and you will love it. After all, it has been number 1 game on boardgamegeeks for many years before that ridiculous "pandemie legacy crap " stole the 1st place.

    If you have any question, don’t hesitate.

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  • RE: Strategy?

    Frankly,  I’d like to see a strategy that gets Germany and or Japan into Washington and Ottawa but anyway…

    I miss 5 IPC German tanks. Just sayin’ 😢

    I don’t go for W Poland anymore; I take Warsaw from Elbing (sometimes I bring a fighter to help) and then hit Yugoslavia on Germany’s 2nd impulse. I tried it out after reading about it on this forum. I’ll keep doing it until someone decides to do something with W. Poland that makes it a priority target.

    IPhilliphines IC is good idea because it puts pressure on the Japanese. An aggressive Japanese player, however,  will pull a DOW and take it out. A Hawaii IC may be a more conservative, but also effective, strategy. I figure if ICs start popping up in the Pacific, that means a KJF on being thought out.

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  • RE: Turn Order Debate/Confusion.

    SS is right. They attack together.

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  • RE: GW-1939, 7.2 Rules_____COMMUNIST CHINA questions

    Agreed and seconded.

    I tend to look at '39 like this: if it doesn’t specifically say we can do something then we can’t, or we refer to the latest Axis and Allies Global rules to fill in the gaps.

    EG a country cannot do something “special” like spawn infantry in territories without factories or without their capital unless explicitly outlined in the rules. Otherwise, they just get treated as any other country.

    I don’t think in this case (or many others) we’ll get a rule RE print out on this issue as the focus seems to be on '36. I also vaguely recall tiger stating 7.2 is all she wrote.

    These days, when tigerman makes a ruling I tend to scribble it in my rulebook.

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  • RE: GW-1939, 7.2 Rules_____COMMUNIST CHINA questions

    Even if said territories were owned by the communists.

    I understand that the Communists are only permitted to place one infantry per turn, regardless of how many IPCs they hold. My interpretation is if they have no capital,  they have no income so they can not produce units anyway. In our games, when Japan takes the commie capital it takes the commie IPCs too. We treat them as we would an Axis Minor.

    So, basically, no commie capital means no commies produced.

    Hope this helps Tall Paul.

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  • RE: GW-1939, 7.2 Rules_____COMMUNIST CHINA questions

    Nope. Don’t see that happening. If there are no Communist Chinese to walk in, they won’t just “spawn” in the empty “Nationalist” territories.

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  • RE: GW-1939, 7.2 Rules_____COMMUNIST CHINA questions

    As someone who plays as the Axis often, I find the Communist Chinese (and China in general) to be a real PITA. It is absolutely worth it to smash them to the point where they cannot “magically”, or otherwise, reappearing.

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  • RE: GW-1939, 7.2 Rules_____COMMUNIST CHINA questions

    The only way I can see Communist China coming back is if the Soviet or, some other ally,  liberates their Capital (Pingliang) and only if it is not already under nationalist Chinese control.

    If the Koumingtang walks out red Chinese territories they have captured, I do not see a provision the Communists reappearing.

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