7.0 turn 1 pics and report

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    Here are the end of turn 1 pics.

    Note: We are playing with resources.

    The UK fleets off of the coast of Britain did not survive.

    Germany has Warsaw and Paris. Yugoslavia, Holland, Norway and Baltic states fell as well.

    Vichy rolls went well for Germany. Captured ships in the Med. and off of Normandy but the Allies sank them all.

    Japan took Hunnan, Kwangsi and Kwangtung. They are playing it a bit more conservative.

    The Russians have moved infantry and artillery from Novosibirsk east while moving the armour west.

    Far East Command and ANZAC occupied Sumatra, Java and Dutch New Guinea.

    The U.S. is building (it seems) for a naval confrontation with Japan.

    As for the new rules,

    We don’t like the new fortification rules.

    The changes around Britain make things harder in terms of sinking the UK fleets. They are positive changes.

    The Russian player loves his new units! :mrgreen:

    FEC/ANZAC plan to upgrade their ICs.


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    More pics.


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    Japan moving on China and getting into position off of the Palau Islands.


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    Soviets move east.


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    Japanese and FEC/ANZAC…gonna be a fight.


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    Africa and Atlantic theatres.


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    ––I’m enjoying your “Combat Intelligence Report” from your GW-39 game. Please keep them coming. I haven’t been able to play many GW-39 games yet as some new friends are just now working thier way towards GW-39. One day soon I hope we’ll all enjoy a good GW-39 WAR. Until then, I study, strategize, and very much enjoy seeing YOUR game results. Have FUN,…and go kill 'em.

    Tall Paul

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    I see you use a lot of the supply markers. I have all of them, but haven’t got to use them yet. I bet it adds a lot to the game, doesn’t it? 😄

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    What dont you like about the fortification rules?

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    Thanks for the replies fellas.

    We’re taking a break to get some dinner and then we will be at it again.

    Tall Paul, your comments are appreciated. Like you, A and A is a labour of love. I hope you can put all of those beautifully painted and detailed pieces you have to work on the Global '39 (or ‘36!) map soon. Oh, yeah, I’m killin’ ‘em but pretty soon I think they’ll be killin’ me!

    John Brown,
    Yes, we use the resource markers as per the optional rules from HBG. I don’t have all of the markers yet (that’s why you see some of the wooden roundels), but I’m getting them bit by bit. They do add to the game in a big way. The group likes it because they make more funds available to purchase units. The resources also add greater strategic depth as they are on more thing to fight over –- it is simply not a good practice to allow your opponent to hang on to them. Resources are a game changer.


    We find the new rules confusing and a little convoluted. It seems like infantry attacking fortifications will have no attack value if there are enough defenders to lower their values. The guys also don’t understand why aircraft cannot be shot down by the forts. All in all, we just like the old rules better and we switched to them after turn 2. No offence intended.

    I’ll post pics from turn 2 tonight. We’re further along than that but I am sure you can understand the difficulty of playing, photography, and reporting in the midst of the game.

    One thing is for certain, the Axis are definitely taking heavier casualties than usual.

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    Thanks Koba for the pics and reports. Awesome !

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    I’m glad the supplies work well in the game. Seeing your painted units on there bring that board to life. Like Paul, I can’t wait to see my painted units populate my map in a couple of years.

    Love your play by play as well.

    Thanks for sharing. 😄

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    Turn 3.

    The Axis for all intents and purposes rule Europe. Pockets of resistance exist in E. and W. Poland.

    Cairo has fallen and the UK attempt to recapture it was repulsed.

    The Italian navy was involved in a debacle off of the coast of Madras. 2DD, 2CC, 1BB destroyed for the price of only 1 UK CV damaged. Japan is set to hit this fleet next turn.

    China has pushed Japan back. Shensi and Kwangsi are Chinese again however,

    Japan used her sneak attack. Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Borneo, Celebes, Sumatra and Java are now part of the Greater Asia Co-prosperity sphere (I hope, someday, as rule is made to represent this Japanese-dominated arrangement). The ABDA fleet off of Dutch New Guinea swims with the fish(es). Burma was taken but FEC got it together and took it back.

    Japan has built a Minor AC in Shanghai and is building garrison troops in anticipation. There is also now a minor IC in Siam. FEC is making moves to threaten it.

    The USSR is still building up and they are poised to intervene in East Asia at any time. Iran is now Soviet.

    Italy has activated Iraq and has made an incursion in Saudi Arabia. They’re driving for the oil.

    The U.S. has deployed the Pacific Fleet forward off of the Philippines. Canada/UK look like they want to support U.S. Pacific actions as an airfield has been build in British Columbia. Said airfield is occupied by 4 bombers…so far.


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    Germany and minors getting into position.


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    ––This is interesting stuff! I find myself reading your posts as if they were newreels during the war.

    ----As far as the game goes, it seems like a very dyanamic game in every theater. If the Axis can hold off the American Sea Power, and the Canadian Air campaign, Japan sounds like it will be flooding Asia with units soon. The whole global dyanamic could be completely changed with any major victory or loss anywhere. INTERESTING GAME! (I’m buying stock in Mitsubishi Industries, haha). Good Luck, Sir.

    Tall Paul

    p.s.----Oh, by the way, our ‘gang’ is still playing a bunch of 1940-Global games. Next Friday should be the next one. A couple of guys are building up their experience levels before they ‘take the dip’ into
    Global Warfare-1939. Our last game we used a lot of my painted units for the first time. Lots of Infantry and some aircraft. The other guys were somewhat surprised that the painted bases on the Infantry virtually eliminated the need to use Control Markers (like I had planned). We should have the Italian desert air force and a bunch of Japanese aircraft, too for the next game, not to mention the Naval bases, Minor Factories and other “stuff”.

    Man,….What a FUN hobby!

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    China pushes back. Victorious UK fleet off of Madras.


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    Japan in DEI. US Navy off of Philippines.


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    Last report of the night. Between playing, taking and editing pics, and posting I’m done for now.

    As of the end of the turn Russia is at 48 production and technically at war with the Axis. Germany has yet to make her move on the Soviets. SS units are massing in the Baltic States and Warsaw. There is still no UK Fleet anywhere near the European coast except a loan destroyer off of Gibraltar. The Allies have yet to activate Brasil. I can’t figure out why, but I ain’t askin’  😉. The Germans and Bulgarians are also massing on the border with Istanbul. A naval base is operating in Romania and Axis transports now roam the Black Sea. Africa Corps units have also appeared in Romania… I wonder where they are headed? :evil: The German navy is lying off of the Normandy coast. German U-boats are aggressively raiding the north Atlantic convoy zones along with a cruiser.

    Japan continues to trade territories with China, Red China and the FEC. The Japanese also continue to expand into the DEI while mopping up the Commonwealth fleets. The UK fleet off of Madras has been eliminated. No casualties were taken by the Japanese in a stunning turn of events. On land, the Japanese have deployed mechanized artillery to take on the Chinese and Commonwealth forces.

    FEC continually builds infantry/armour combinations and pushes them east. ANZAC is foundering. Her Navy has been sunk except 1 cruiser off of Sydney. They have reinforced the Dutch New Guinea in anticipation of a SNLF landing. FEC forces have occupied Afghanistan and taken possession of the Palladium resource.

    The UK has moved its bombers to eastern Russia. Looks like they are setting Japan up for strategic bombing raids. London and the rest of the home island are being fortified as Germany possesses three transports in the Baltic and control the Straits of Denmark.

    Fighting rages in North Africa. Italy holds Cairo but has had to repel desperate Commonwealth counter attack consisting of mechanized infantry out of South Africa. Italian Somalia fell and was re-taken via a amphibious assault made up of infantry backed by armour with air support out of Cairo. The Italians have build a minor IC in Tobruk which is producing mech/aty combos. Italian submarines are raiding FEC convoys in the Indian Ocean.

    The U.S. maintains a strong naval presence off of the Philippines. More a destroyer-heavy force has appeared off of San Francisco. No landing ships yet in the Pacific. Those have been allotted to the Atlantic theatre.

    Russia has allocated strong infantry forces to the east. Kliment Voroshilov tanks have appeared in Novosibirsk. In the west, a minefield has been laid in Karelia and infantry continues to be pumped out from all ICs. Armour has appeared in Stalingrad.

    Turn five has been played…bloody to say the least, but more on that later. Allied in-fighting has ensued…Buwahahahahaha :evil:


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    FEC, China duke it out with Japan.


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    Sydney and Tokyo. I 400 appears.


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    U.S. Navy sits off Philippines Japan clears the Indian Ocean.


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    Italy pushes south and raids British convoys.


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    South Africa. Washington.


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    Moscow. Novosibirsk KVs.


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    British Bombers and Soviets in Russian east.


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