• Nothing. That’s what they learned. Not admitting the Ukraine and Georgia into NATO because Putin might get mad is crap. We see how well appeasement of aggresive leaders works all the time. Of course everyone here will first think of Hitler. Everyone will realize appeasement didn’t work too well with the Soviet Empire or Japan either. Russia is in no position to pose a serious threat to a united Europe.

    I’m not saying Putin is going to start WW3 at some point if he’s left alone. He will become a bigger and bigger problem though. How far that will go is anyone’s guess. He can be put in his place though with a little reality check.

    Someone needs to get in Putin’s grill and tell him everyone knows Russia’s heavy military hardware is bunk. Their garbage can’t stand against anything the US, England, or Germany produces. They would have to face it all plus more. Putin wants no part of a conflict he can’t win. Yet if he acts like he’s not afraid the forces that could easily shut his face duck tail and run. I propose I be sent to talk to Putin. Here’s what I would TELL him.

    “Sup cracka. You rollin up on me all frontin fool? We both know yo tanks an’ planes an’ sh!t is all whack. My whip a Abrams. Don’t make me roll up an’ bussa cap in yo dome beotch. But if you want to go all old school and settle this now I could just chin check yo punk ass on location. I done got yo ho’s mathmatics so what you gonna do fool. Sup sucka. Get to steppin.”

    Instead NATO is going to send some pure as the driven snowflake who won’t keep it real. We are all going to see Georgia hung out to dry just like the Czechs were. Who is it that said “The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”

  • Putin knows that Europe no longer has any backbone. To make matters worse Europe has no sense of Nationism. European countries can no longer put down riots within their own borders. Why would Putin fear the West?

    Russia feels it must keep it’s influence strong in Caucasus area.The U.S will do nothing while troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan and the threat of Iran still remains.

    The facts are this the U.S is busy in the Middle East and the European are in love with themselves. Why should Russia fear Russian?

    With that said, it would be cool if Georgia pulled a 1940 Finland move on the Russians.

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    Well, this is an uber-political thread that is destined to be locked. But, before it is, let me play devil’s advocate.

    Yes, you’re right. America is in no position to do anything about it because we are spread thin in Afganistan and Iraq, as well as, having financial and gas crises here at home.

    But, we are the cause of this. WE set the 21st century precedent for unjustly invading other countries despite international protest. WE backed out of the missile defense treaty with Russia. WE are trying to install anti-missile systems in eastern Europe. And WE invaded a country that owed Russia a bunch of money.

    How long did you think we could slap Russia in the face before they got tired of it? This is just a case of Putin saying "well, if you are going to do whatever the hell you want without caring about anybody elses opinion, then so are we.

    Am I condoning Russia’s actions. No. They are clearly the bad guys here. But, we AREN’T the good guys. As a matter of fact, we are just as bad as they are.

    Yes, we do see how well appeasement of aggresive leaders works all the time. The world has been appeasing our aggressive leader for the last 7 years. But we have the nerve to condemn Putin when he gets aggressive. That’s the pot calling the kettle black right there.

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    The thread is locked, because it deviated from any relationship with WW2 and became Americas involvement instead in Iraq and as a questionable move.

    sorry folks. If you want to compare then compare what Europe learned from WW1 and WW2 and why it was destined to repeat its recent History.

    11HP20: You know i think your great, so i hope you wont take this the wrong way.

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