• I am trying to find the name of an older (probably from the 60’s or 70’s maybe?) WW2 movie that I saw a long time ago. I don’t remember who was in it, only the plot - it was a chase (through the desert in Africa?) that lasted several days, a German tank was chasing an Allied plane that could run on the ground but not fly. Anyone know what movie I’m talking about?

  • That’s an excellent movie! It’s called “Death Race” and it was a made for TV movie from the 70’s so it is very hard to find. It was an American P-40 I think, being chased by a German Tank Commander played by Loyd Bridges(don’t worry, he used to make serious movies!)

  • So what ever happened to the Pesky P-40? Did it get shot down?

  • if you ever find that movie plese relay where you got it back here, sound like a good one to see.

  • that was me

  • I did some research on the net and found out that the movie was released on VHS in 1986 under the name “State of Division”, so you may be able to find a video of it under that name instead of “Death Race”.

    Here’s a brief summary without spoiling anything:

    Two American P-40s go on a mission in Africa to bomb a minefield, and one of them gets shot down and has to make a crash landing. The second pilot lands to rescue his buddy, but a German tank and soldiers show up and a stray bullet takes out something or another so that the plane can no longer take off, but can still taxi along the ground. The remainder of the movie is about the Afrika Korps chasing the two pilots and the plane across the desert, and it has a great ending that I’m not going to tell you about… 😁

    It’s really good for a TV movie - on http://www.imdb.com it has a rating of 8.3 out of 10.

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