How did you first learn about A&A?

  • how did you first learn about A&A?

    I played it at a freinds house, I bought it the next day!

  • Uncle bought the game for me. DasEwokSS and I, along with 3 other guys, sat down and started playing, for a whole damn summer.

  • Got the 80’s 1st rule edition boardgame in 1983. Saw it in a store, it looked cooler than Risk!!!

  • I am same like Yanny, Dad, Uncle and i loved to play Risk. My uncle remebered that he had a old game down his basemnet (axis and allies :roll:.) Then we played and that when i got hooked!

  • Usta play Risk forever as a young kid. Had the wooden pieces. My cousins got heavy into Avalon Hill strategic games, like Stalingrad and D-Day. truly wack.

    Anyway, the years go by, I stop in to the local momandpop game store Nov. 2001 and see Risk 2210. I’m in love. Grooviest game upgrade ever.

    Then, fall 2002, same store and now it’s A&A display that catches me eye – but one copy of A&AEurope is open. I start reading the manual, and a half hour later I am hooked. It’s Hellllllooooooooo Barbarossa!

    Play a game or two then turn to the net for tips, etc. Encounter significant A&A fanatics society. Will report back to Earth later.

  • Heard of it at a friends house, never played it. Next year we play it a couple of times (and its great!) so he and i both got hooked.

  • I don’t play it acctually. Not too sure what it’s all about. A friend from Utopia showed it to me, and then he showed me these forums. I like them, although I have been absent from here a long time now.

  • Just happened to stumble across it at a store when I was about ten or eleven and it looked interesting…and I’ve been addicted ever since, although I only get time to play once a month or so. I also got hooked on Fortress America and Conquest Of The Empire too.

  • Fortress America is good game.


    I had about A and A so I went out and got it for my dad for Christmas (last year)

  • you got it for your dad but it was realy for yourself 😉

  • When my band used to share an apartment there was always a bunch of people hanging around. A friend’s brother had a beat up old A&A game hanging around with no instructions. We were bored so tried playing it, making up rules. Moving tanks & troops across sea zones with no transports, whatever. Total mess.

    When he finally found the manual it was like, oh, duh.

    We all got hooked on the game then and played most every day for months. I’ve been playing ever since.

  • I saw it in a store in a U.S. military base in what was known at the time as WEST GERMANY. I was immediatly hypnotized by the box, I kepted dropping hints to my mother. I got it and RISK for X-MAS. One of my best Christmas ever!!!

  • Yeah, I was drawn by the box as well. :lol:

  • I played it 20 years ago at a local games club, got my assed kicked, swore I’d never lose that badly again and bought the game the next week. First version I played had a paper map, cardboard pieces and instead of heavy bombers tech it had the A-Bomb…… Costs 5 IPC, load it on a bomber, it flies out alone on a ‘strategic raid’, ie against a fleet there is no AA so no defence, please removed the entire fleet… Against land there was a single AA shot (back then it was a hit on a 1-3 but only 1 shot against the entire air force (ie 1 shot on 1 plane, 1 shot on 100 planes), if you missed please removed all pieces on that territory, factory, aa gun and all… Sucks to be germany and be nuked…

  • A-Bomb?! 😮 :lol:
    What were the makers of the game thinking?
    So were the strategies any different then? Was there a race to get A-Bomb?

  • lol…actually an a-bomb tech would be pretty cool. the land could be inhabitable for a few turns as well. maybe no bombing capitals though. if anyone thinks of some good rules for it, post here!

  • Played Risk in HS …
    (Preferred Lombardo [a friend’s last name] Risk, in which the tent shaped wooden blocks [original wooden pieces] were used as fleets to sail 2 INF blocks to ANY country. So you had to protect every country.

    Played A&A in college (weekend sessions/ traveled to tourneys.) Probably played in some of the first US tourneys (Got my butt kicked in every tourney, but it was FUN!)

  • The strategies were fairly different but there was no rush for the bomb, as awesome as it was, it’s still hard to get a tech. You had to build it, it was an actual cardboard piece, I can’t remember if it took a turn to load it onto a bomber but at best, you build it on say T6, use it on T7, since you could only have 1 at a time you’d have to wait until T8 to build a second. There was a 50/50 chance an AA would knock it out under the old rules so ya tried to line the flight path with AAs but yeah, once somebody had it it sucked for the enemy….

    Production in new factories was unlimited (we might have had that wrong but we’re an anal bunch, the manual is always in somebody’s hands so…). We had epic battles where the brits build a factory in gibralter and the USA helps defend or the US builds in China. I’m sure to the seasoned players of the day thought our stragies were a bit cooked as we were all just learning. Come to think of it, a US factory in China with unlimited production would result in some short games…

    As for an A-bomb in this game… Maybe it just has a chance of killing every unit in a territory, a die roll against each unit? Perhaps a cap on the number of units destoyed as well, a few knobs to fine tune this with…


  • Aaahh, memories… 😄

    1st-Edition rules had unlimited production for new ICs. Pretty soon, pleyers got wise & started putting a UK IC in Persia & cranking out units to Russia, UK & Africa. So they changed the rules…

    My own story is pretty boring. Bought the game so my Dad & I could play when I was in HS (we were both WWII buffs). Kept it when my parents moved back to Maine, then nothing happened for a while. One day I suggested to my buddies that we play, as a fluke. Group’s been growing ever since… 🙂

    Those early games were the most fun, tho…


  • Wouldn’t I love an A-bomb on the old Karelia stack! :evil:


  • I agree with ya Ozone, the game seemed so wide open back then, the ebb and flow. I must admit, we’ve NEVER played with bids for playing the Axis, it’s always flags from a cap, sucks to be Germany again…. I think the Axis has won about 10%, that usually occurs around 4 am and is more the ability of the Axis to out-drink the allies… I’m new around here… How exactly is that handled, I see IPC bid #s, you can place the units anywhere?


  • @yourbuttocks:


    I had about A and A so I went out and got it for my dad for Christmas (last year)

    That was 20 words! A friend of mine gave me the cd rom version so I could play.

  • my friend and I bought it in 84 and started reading the rules. 😎

  • A friend tried to introduce me to it in high school, but I wasn’t interested at the time due to booze, girls, etc. About 2 years ago, another friend got me to play a game and now I’m hooked!

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