• Hi guys,

    I’m a player from the early version (I have the Nova version - Jedko in fact, and used to love the MB version my friends had), then I stopped for 20 years…

    Did get into Axis and Allies Naval miniatures - WAS, when it came out, and have recently joined a boardgame irl group,

    Seeing what has come out since, I’m a bit baffled,

    I understand 1942 is the chips and Bretzel version, so I won’t be too kin on getting that one,

    I’m getting an OK deal to purchase Revised edition (from Avalon Hill) + Europe and Pacific version from that same editor… at 130 Euros…

    However, if I’m going 130 euros, it could perhaps be best to skip that and move straight to Europe and Pacific 1940, play them seperatly for shorter game times, and combine both for a taste of the anniversary version / sink back into the good old 10 to 15 hours of play when we use to play the MB version…?

    Hence basically my questions are:

    Is it worth it to get those 3 Avalon Hill versions (revised, pacific and Europe) at 130 Euros?
    I see it’s going at around 1000 Euros on Amazon ! lol Why? is there some sort of Hero Quest / Space Crusader effect? do they have something crazy the later version miss (I doubt it).

    Or should I just go for one or 2 of the currently eddited version? I can get Pacific 40 and Europe 40 brand new for 151 euros and that includes shipping (for the Avalon Hill versions I have to pay extra or go get them by road which is probably a 1h30 min / 2h journey in total).

    Thanks for any  help and or advice 🙂

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    This post and some replies are also in the A&A Marketplace forum


  • correct, wasn’t sure if
    i should post hear or there, though i’d get quicker response in market place,  :roll:

    admin or modo, feel free to delete this discussion ^^  😄

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