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Females playing A&A

  • @TG:

    Well I don’t mind teaching someone to play A&A 🙂 But sisters, now that’s a problem I have with. 😉

    be smart TG. You have the undivided attention of a group of girls who soon will be women, and they are looking to you to “teach” them something. If you can come across as a non-big-geek, this is the greatest coup ever. Trust me on this. I’ve tried to be a good big brother all my life, good to my sister’s and their friends, and i’ve had plenty of nice dating opportunities 🙂

  • I’m not some sort of male chauvinists are something, but when it comes to sisters – things tend to get a bit (searches for right word) “frustrating.” In the words of Monty, “Here I am in these bloody marshes fighting malaria as well as the Germans, while ~~he’s taking Palermo without opposition and getting all the glory.”

    And it’s even worse cause she’s suppose to be so nice, making it even harder for me to sabotage her, leaving me terribly vexed. Anyways, as for the “Axis and Allies Fanclub,” TM is the youngest one, and I will drop by to provide a good word (especially if it’s a opposing team against TM ;)) though I wish she would spend as much time studying with that group than she does playing A&A and causing all sorts of other havoc. Regardless, perhaps these fanmembers are a tad too wild for me?~~

  • One day TG, you will realize how lucky you have it.
    You’re right of course - a C in math is unacceptable. I’d be raking my own sisters over the coals for that performance (the difference being my sisters were kind of wild . . . ).

  • One day TG, you will realize how lucky you have it.

    I have too many gray hairs for you to prove it. 😉

    You’re right of course - a C in math is unacceptable

    Yeah C’s in Statistics isn’t a good thing… especially since her “strong point” is suppose to be math… :-?

    the difference being my sisters were kind of wild

    Oh my…

  • wow I dint know so many females played A&A, even so I’ll never convince my sister to play

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