• Transport vs Industrial Complex? Transport all the way!

    Turn 1 - Japan Builds 2 Transport 2 inf and Transports 4 inf to the mainland VS
    Turn 1 - Japan builds 1 Industrial Complex, 10$ of whatever, Transports 4 inf to the mainland
    Turn 2 - Japan builds 2 Transport However many infantry, Transports 4 inf 1 tank to the mainland VS
    Turn 2 - Japan Builds 1 Industrial Complex, and Builds 3 tanks from T1 Complex.
    Turn 3 - Japan Builds enough inf to fill Transports and uses other money for whatever, Transports 6 inf to mainland or so (depends on Japan’s Income at this time)
    Turn 3 - Japan Builds 6 Tanks, saves rest (not likely to have much more)
    Turn 4 - Japan builds whatever, transports 10 inf to mainland
    Turn 4 - Japan Builds 6 tanks

    See the problem? By Turn 4 Japan would of transported around 25 inf to the mainland, vs 18 tanks. but Japan now has money leftover for whatever and 10 inf per turn.

  • If Japan wants tanks on the mainland - the best way to do it is through a factory.

    If Japan wants infantry on the mainland - the best way to do it is through transports.

    A factory in Manchuria, Kwantung, Burma, or India can produce three tanks on the mainland. To ship three tanks from Japan would require 3 transports. A factory costs 15 and 3 transports cost 24. Also, once a transport is sunk, it’s gone. If a factory is over-run, you can take it back.

    But, for infantry - factory’s cost 15 and can only produce 3 men - that’s 5 ipc’s of investment per man. Transports cost 8 and can ship two - that’s 4 ipc’s of investment per man. Transports are the best way to get men to the mainland.

  • For Japan’s purposes, Infantry are better for attacking. A large Infantry push supported by multiple fighters and a few tanks will beat any tank rush I could see. Also its cheaper.

  • The USA should have its eyes on any Japanese transports that they may have and eliminate them. Japan can’t afford to rely on transporting too long. If your USA player is allowing your transports to operate freely, your getting a huge break. A strong German player should be able to deal with an Anglo-American amphibious attack and force a stalemate with Russia long enough for Japanese Asiatic industry to have armor strong enough to knock down Moscow’s door. By the end of Japan’s turn 2, Japan should have broken through the British/American Asiatic front to threaten the Russian capital and pose a serious threat for any Russian units in northeastern Asia of encirclement and destruction. Japanese armor from Asiatic IC’s are the key for this by turns 3 and 4.

  • but if Germany goes on the defensive Russia is free to put money into the Asianic front. So the front can be either stalled or delayed. Also, as a person i was talking to put it, a Manchurian Factory puts you on the same level as the India and/or American Factories. If an Indian and American Factory is producing 5 tanks a turn, and Japan is only producing 3 tanks per turn and transporting 4 inf per turn, the Japaneese are going to be stalled long enough to give the Russians a chance.

  • The point here is not an IC, but IC’s. Once Japan crosses 30 IPC’s {after capturing 2 or 3 territories), buy another IC. Now you have 6 armor per turn. Capture the IC in India or build your third. Now you have 8 to 9 armor per turn depending on NP. Unless the allies have strong counter forces available from Africa, Europe, or the Pacific, the allies are in trouble.

  • But it takes time an money to do this. Also, look at it this way. An industrial Complex costs 15 IPCs. A Transport costs 8 IPCs. Thats 3 tanks or 3 infantry for the IC (Assuming you put it in a 3 IPC zone). At the same time, the Transports could put 4 Infantry or 2 tanks onto the mainland. Now, add in another Industrial Complex (15 ICs) and 2 more Transports (16 IPCs) Now you have 6 tanks per turn, or 6 infantry. You have 8 infantry or 4 tanks per turn with the Transports. Now add in 1 more Industrial Complex and 2 more Transports. Now 9 Tanks per turn (If you have the money) vs 12 Infantry or 6 Tanks.

    thats a pretty solid ratio for both right? Now lets talk about the Stratigic Advantages of Transports and Industrial complexes.

    Transports are mobile. They can move from Japan to Indochina, or to Alaska or to Hawaii , 2 turns brings it to Panama or to India. 3 turns to The Med (if germany controls both Syria and Egypt). A Transport is more effiecient at transporting Infantry (4 inf compared to 3 for IC) but less effiecient at bringing tanks (2 for the cost of 3 for Industrial Complexes) The downside is they can be attacked and easily blown up.

    Industrial Complexes are better at tanks then Inf (as mentioned before). They provide a solid way of delivering things to the mainland. They cannot be destroyed. But, if they are captured, they can be used against you. The max number of united (with Japan’s three mainland provinces) is 9. this makes them good for pure offense, but bad for long term play. also, remember, in the begining of the game, the India/Sinkang factories are at the same level as you.

    Now, I ask you a question. If USA is picking off your transports, like you mentioned, how are you going to get 45 to spend every turn in industrial complexes instead? USA will be involved in Island hoping your islands, if like you said he is paying attention to you. You’ll never get the 45$ a turn. And, you’ll be forced to spend part of your money on navy . How would you handle this?

  • All Japanese territories plus allied Asia is 44 NP. If the USA wants to waste valuable time and resources on island hopping, let them. Maximum Pacific loses for Japan are 8 in NP. You still have 7 armor per turn with 36 in NP. The USA using effective island hopping takes them out of the equation for helping the hard pressed Russians. Germany can build a good defense with a quick change to offense if the Americans do this. Germany should always be ready to strike at the first sign of allied weakness if not on the offense already.

  • What I mean by Island hoping is USA is getting ready for an assault on Japan. I’m saying this because you said that Transports would be useless when picked off by US Bombers. Now, I ask you, If he isnt going Japan first, why bother? Any place he lands the bombers you can kill it unless he spends considerable cash attacking it. Hell, I’d try to make the US spend cash doing this, it helps germany.

  • The Axis want the USA to attack Japan directly at this stage. This means the Allies are working independently and not helping each other. The Russians are now feeling pressure from both fronts and losing ground and time. The British are not and cannot maintain a beachhead of substance in Europe without American help. They just don’t have the production power. The USA spending precious time island hopping to attempt to invade Japan proper gives Germany the time it needs to take Moscow. The Japanese on full defensive now can hold out until the fall of Russia. German panzers will then race to Africa and the Japanese can deal with that pesky US Navy. During the American invasion attempts, the US can only attack the Japanese capital every other turn due to distance problems to their mainland (armor build up in Alaska). This gives Japan plenty of time to re-build defenses even in Asia. When the first US invasion fails, that will really send shock waves through the Allies. It will probably finish fragmenting their alliance and their fate will be sealed.

    I realize this might all get a little confusing. In the end, you play your best strategies against each other and let the dice decide. I try to play each player as if they ARE alone in the world. But when you have allies no matter what side your playing, always work with them! This also means when your playing a side alone or with friends. Remember, Rommel said that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. Be prepared and even in a bad game situation, you might just be able to turn it around…

  • If USA can effectively kill the JAp transports with minimal losses then an IC is not enough

  • Yeah, I generally don’t island hop in the Pacific unless I play a variant that adds IPCs to the islands in the Pacific.

  • Hey, thats a good idea. Might make the islands worth the USA’s time and JApan’s troops.

  • The first thing you should do is by a fighter or tank(s) and a transport.

    Pull your fleet back too Japan and or India. Use your transport to get troops and on turn one use all available men, and one or two aircraft to take India. Now depending if you’re playing with the rule that russia is allowed to attack in first turn, retake your lost land, and use a transport to get more men in from japan.

    If Russia didn’t take the land, then build up the area.

    By turn 3 Japan must be in the position for a complete take over of East Asia by turn 4 (or better yet, turn 3.) If Russia moves valuable forces from defense against germany, demand that germany ups the pressure.

  • why would you buy a tank first turn?
    if you have an extra $5 first turn as Japan, then buy tech or an inf or two.

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