AAMRE: Axis and Allies Modern Revised Edition

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    I have decided to undertake this project using the existing AARHE map as a template and creating a modern World War Three global war featuring all the significant national blocks. The game will be based loosely on one of my favorite books By General Sir John Hackett called The Third World War August 1985  which is based on an actual report by Nato military leaders of what might be.

    It is not my intention to take any ideas from AARHE largely due to the incompatibility of modern weaponry, however it will remain evident that this is an Axis and Allies style game.

    The game will allow for conventional style war and the added possibility of full Nuclear war, where the prospects of victory become elusive for all sides.

    I request others to contribute in this project and of course the final product becomes a series of free files for all members to access and download.

    This is a truly inclusive project and everybody will be heard. I’m posting some preliminaries shortly.

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    Unit force pool:

    I’m using table tactics/ Fortress America/ and Axis and Allies pieces, plus tanks and subs from a game called Supremacy. Even though the game begins in 1985, Technology will allow such things that may not have been available during this time frame.

    Infantry: Move/Attack/Defense/Cost
    Militia: 0/1/1/2
    Regular: 1/1/2/3 (Soviets cost 2)
    Elite Infantry: 2/2/2/4  ( representing SAS, Commandos etc)

    Armored Infantry:  2/3/2/5
    Tank:  2/3/3/6
    Heavy Tank:  3/4/3/7 ( By tech only)
    Self- Propelled Artillery:  2/4/1/5
    Hover Lazer Tank: 3/5/4/9  ( Obtained by tech only…can move over one sea zone)

    Special units:

    APC: 3/2/1/4 ( carries one infantry unit up to 3 spaces)
    MLRS:  (Multiple Launch Rocket System): 2/3/2/7  These units can launch class 1 tactical Nuclear weapons.

    Naval Units:
    Carrier: 2/2/4/20 ( takes 2 hits, carriers 2 fighters or 3 helicopters)
    Cruiser: 2/4/4/14 ( takes 2 hits, can launch tactical nuclear weapons, Shore bombardment at 4)
    Frigate: 2/2/3/8  ( ASW, negates sub first strike, shore bombardment at 2)
    Nuclear submarine: 2/2/2/8 ( first strike capability, can launch tactical nuclear weapons)
    transport: carriers any two land units

    Air Units:
    helicopters:  4/2/2/7
    fighters: 6/3/3/10
    strategic bomber: 10/4/1/12 ( can carry any type of nuclear weapon)
    super bomber: 8/4/4/12 ( cannot be intercepted, no AA gun fire)

    Nuclear Weapons:
    Tactical nuclear weapon
    ICBM ( fired from city or specific units)
    Lazer shield: ( something akin to Reagan’s Star wars initiative) protects territories in specific capable range of installation. This must be the product of extensive national technology spending.

    How nuclear weapons are used:

    Tactical  roll D4= destroyed units or permanent loss of IPC

    ICBM roll D8=Destroyed units or permanent loss of IPC

    cost and range to be determined.

  • That sounds so cool!
    What are the countries,
    USA, rest of NATO, Russia and China?

  • Nice,
        Another great project IL.

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    Different scenarios will be offered: 1948, 1962, 1985, and Present day

    Blocks will be Warsaw Pact, China, NATO, Latin America, Middle East, and neutrals. France will naturally be the first to get Nuked! I got the map and rules basically in my head, once its on paper, then i can post and people can make changes and alterations. I will make some event cards and using A bombs may have negative impact on diplomacy with neutrals. I suspect people will play conventional warfare and stockpile nukes… if one side looks like its losing it may take a chance and try to win a nuclear exchange… or both may lose depending outcome. I think winning this thing will not only be military… Diplomacy or “looking like your the good guy in the world” will also effect victory… So its possible that NATO can be too aggressive and lose diplomatic points… not sure how this will work … but it will.

    But the game will surely be an axis and allies style game…with nukes… I think also that it will be 4+ players and that if you play with only 2 then the others are neutral or can be drawn in eventually.

  • Why do you have armoured infantry and APCs, woudn’t an APC with an infatry in it, represent them same thing as armored infantry?

  • Moderator

    Why call it a super bomber when it’s abilities appear to be of Stealth Technology  Stealth Bombers

    Then you could add stealth fighters

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    Why do you have armoured infantry and APCs, woudn’t an APC with an infatry in it, represent them same thing as armored infantry?

    Yes correct APC will become armored infantry. good call.

    Why call it a super bomber when it’s abilities appear to be of Stealth Technology  Stealth Bombers

    its just a name for the lack of something more realistic. these super bombers will have more than ‘stealth technology’  I figure they are better equipped and fly farther. Not sure yet.

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    here is a draft of the rules:

    its basically just like AAR except these rules overwrite tech and add alot of new ideas. The map file is ready.


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    here is the new map. Its very nice indeed.


    use abobe reader to view it. I saved it as PDF compatible file.

    heres a new file: im 99% finished with it.


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    Axis & Allies Modern Revised Edition

    This Variant uses all OOB rules from AARE and LHTR 1.3 rule set. The following special rules supersede those rules wherever applicable.

    This variant starts the war in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis. Additional scenarios covering alternative history for 1985, 1991, and present day are forthcoming.

    Player Sequence:

    1. Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact *
    2. United States/United Kingdom
    3. NATO ( neutral or allied to American player)
    4. China ( neutral or allied to Russian player)

    All allied neutrals not mentioned play their turn during the same time as the nation they are allied with.

    Note: on the first turn of the game the Soviet/WarsawPact player is given a stockpile of 25 IPC to be used as he wishes to save or place additional units before the start of the first turn.

    Turn Sequence:

    1. Determine IPC totals
    • Add all controlled IPC and subtract loses due to nuclear weapon attacks
    • Allocate income to send as aid to neutrals to gain alliances.
    1. Unit Purchase/ Research Technology
    • Purchase units and spend money on technological research
    • One roll per technology per turn
    • Rolling a 6 gets the technology and 5 results in a major tech breakthrough. A 5 result means that on the following roll for this technology you get it on a 5 or 6.
    • Successful rolls advance gets the technology on the same turn its rolled.
    1. Movement
    • Move all units up to the limit of their movement
    1. Combat
    • Either player can declare retreats after any combat round
    • Partial retreats are allowed, but retreating units cannot fire if they elect to retreat.
    • If hits from the attacker have destroyed the defending force and additional hits have not been allocated, then those are drawn from retreating units on that combat round if any have retreated.
    1. Non-Combat Movement
                  -All units that didn’t move in the combat movement phase and any units that              have not used all their movement points (even if they attacked) up can now move a second time up to the balance of their movement capabilities.
    2. Place Units
    • Place Infantry units up to the limit of the territories value. A factory doubles this capacity.

    Victory conditions:

    1. The Allies win if they can capture Moscow and Beijing or reduce the Communist IPC total below 30.
    2. The Communists win of they capture any three: Paris, Tokyo, London, and Washington.
      Unit Force Pool:
      Unit: Cost: Move: Attack: Defense:
      Militia 2 1 1 1
      Infantry 3 1 1 2
      Armored 4 2 2 2
      Elite 5 2 3 2

    Hovercraft* 5 2x2 2 2
    Tank 6 2 3 3
    Heavy Tank 7 2 3 4
    Self- Propelled ( SPA) 9 2 5 4
    Laser Tanks* 12 3 4x2 4x2

    Helicopter 7 4 2 2
    Fighter 10 6 3 3
    Strategic Bomber* 12 10 4 1
    Super Bomber* 12 12 4 4

    Carrier* 20 2 2 4
    Cruiser* 14 2 4 4
    Frigate 8 2 2 3
    Submarine* 8 2 2 2
    Transport* 8 2 0 1

    Other units: Range:
    Chemical weapons* 5 same D6
    Tactical Nuke 10 2 D6
    ICBM 15 Any D8
    Laser Shield* 25 1 - D6
    Factory* 15 - - -
    Anti- Aircraft Gun (AA)* 5 same - 1

    Hovercraft: Move twice even if they attack, can move over one water zone.
    Laser Tanks: Attack twice each round, can move over one water zone.
    Strategic Bomber: Can drop nuclear weapons.
    Super Bomber: Cannot be attacked by AA guns or intercepted.
    Carrier: Takes 2 hits, carriers 2 fighters or 3 helicopters.
    Cruiser: Takes 2 hits and can launch tactical nuclear weapons, Shore bombardment at 4.
    Frigate: ASW negates sub first strike at 1/1 basis, shore bombardment at 2.
    Submarine: First strike capability can launch tactical nuclear weapons.
    Transport: Carriers any two land units.
    Chemical weapons: Roll D6. Result equals number of units that must make saving roll.
    Laser Shield: For each ICBM or Nuke attack roll D6 and subtract = net lost units.
    Factory: Can build additional units of any type up to value of territory.

    Each player can spend the listed IPCs on one Technology section per turn. Both the American and Soviet player receive one free roll per turn on any technology. Obtained technology is available on the turn it’s discovered. Technology is obtained on a result of 6. If you roll a 5, you have a major breakthrough and can now roll a 5 or 6 to get the technology.

    Land Technologies: (cost 2 per roll)
    Level one- Elite Infantry can be built
    Level two- Heavy Tanks can be built
    Level three- Strategic Bombers can be built. They can perform SBR’s and drop Nukes.

    Warship Technologies (Cost 3 per roll)
    Level one- ASW capabilities. Cruisers and Frigates can now negate submarines preemptive strike capability at a 1/1 basis (except for the first round).
    Level two- Air units can now attack submarines.
    Level three- Cruisers and Frigates can now launch tactical nuclear weapons. They can carry one each.

    Submarine Technologies (Cost 3 IPC per roll)
    Level one- one submarine can be allocated to transport an elite infantry unit for a special attack. This would represent navy seals or highly specialized infantry. They can make a landing on a coastal territory and make a selected attack on one enemy unit. This combat will only be between these two units. If the elite infantry wins the battle it returns to the submarine.
    Level two- Submarines can move 3 spaces. They can make a special movement under the North Pole as follows: Subs can enter Sea Zone 4 and on the following turn enter Sea Zone 62 or 63 (or vice versa).
    Level three- Subs can launch tactical nuclear weapons. They can carry one each.

    Air Technologies (Cost 4 IPC per roll)
    Level one - Long Range Aircraft capability. All planes now fly 2 additional spaces per turn.
    Level two- Air transports. Helicopters can now carry one infantry unit.
    Level three- Super Bombers can be built. Your nation can now build special planes. They cannot be intercepted by scrambling aircraft and AA guns cannot affect them.

    Nuclear Technologies (Cost 5 IPC per roll)
    Level one- Chemical weapons can be built roll D6= potential hits. For each potential hit the defender rolls for an equal number of units trying to roll its defense number to save it from destruction.
    Level two- Tactical nuclear weapons can be built. These can be dropped by strategic bomber, launched by Submarine, or launched by mobile weapon platform or friendly territory.
    Level three- ICBM’s can be built. These can be dropped by strategic bomber, launched by Submarine, or launched by mobile weapon platform (see below) or from a missile silo. They have unlimited range only if launched from friendly silos.
    Level four- Mobile missile silos can be built at the cost of 10 IPC. They move one space per turn.

    Laser Technologies (Cost 6 IPC per roll)
    Level one- Hovercraft can be built. Your nation can now build these units. They can move 2 spaces during each movement phase. They can move over narrow water straights such as from Holland to England, West Germany to Sweden and Japan to Korea.

    Level two- Laser shields can be built. Each shield can roll against nuclear attacks upon all territories that are adjacent to this unit. Roll one D6 and subtract this result from the attackers roll. Note: if multiple nuclear weapons are fired together the laser shield has a limit on these attacks. Roll one D4= number of total rolls. Example: if you attack with 6 ICBM’s the laser shield rolls 3, then 3 ICBM’s are getting thru.

    Level three- Laser Tanks can be built. These units attack twice each combat round. They can move over narrow water straights such as from Holland to England, West Germany to Sweden and Japan to Korea.

    A spy is a specialized unit. It does not move and can perform unique duties. A spy can accomplish one of three things:

    1. Intelligence
    • Each spy can perform a free roll trying to obtain enemy technology. If they roll a 6 then they obtain one level of technology for the owner of the spy. A spy costs 10 IPC and you can only have one spy at a time unless you capture a spy.
    1. Counter- Intelligence
    • You can allocate your spy to ‘turn’ an enemy spy to your own side. You must roll a 6. Once you turn an enemy spy then that spy no longer can serve its original nation. Note: this is the only way you can have more than one spy.
    1. Sabotage
    • A spy can be used to blow up an enemy factory, Misslie silo or Laser shield. In these cases a 6 is needed to accomplish this mission. The destroyed installation must be rebuilt at full price.
      Note: the Soviet player gets one free counter- intelligence roll per turn.

    Special Rules:

    Scrambling fighters: Any time you fly over a territory containing enemy fighters, they can be scrambled and sent against you for one mandatory round of air combat. This can occur more than one time depending on which territories you fly over.

    Nuclear weapons:
    These can be used against military targets or against the industrial capacity of the territory itself. If rolled against military they roll a die and the result equals the number of lost units. Rolling against the territories value reduces it by the value of the roll divided by 2 rounding down. So if you roll a 5 the territory is reduced to 2 for the rest of the game. Territories reduced to zero can never again be used to place units.

    Each time a nuclear weapon is used the owning player rolls to see if there is fallout of diplomacy. Roll one D6 and note the result below:

    1= No effect
    2= No effect
    3= NATO moves one shift toward neutrality or to America
    (Depending on who launched the nuke)
    4= South American states moves one shift toward enemy
    5= Middle East coalition moves one shift toward enemy
    6= Both major neutrals move one shift toward the enemy

    These units have a first strike capability every combat round unless specific technology is developed to counter this (Level one- warship tech).

    Missile Silos:
    Once you have ICBM technology you must built a silo for 20 IPC if you want to take advantage of unlimited range that these weapons enjoy. Each player shall have secret locations where ICBM’s can be launched from friendly territories. Each silo location can launch one unlimited range ICBM providing the nation has this technology. The selected location must have an IPC value of at least one. Once this location is destroyed (by reducing the territory by to zero IPC by a nuke) or capturing it.

    Mobile Missile Silos:
    These can only be used if the player has obtained level four nuclear technologies. They move one territory per turn and cost 10 IPC. They can be destroyed like any other unit and must be allocated as the final casualty if attacked by any means. One mobile missile silo can be transported on a naval transport.

    Oil Centers:
    These are of value to the original owning player. If they are captured by the enemy they can get a free roll of a D6= lost IPC from the owning player. The capture of these centers may have adverse effects on diplomacy rolls.
    Soviets, Chinese and Indian infantry builds:
    The Soviets and China can build regular infantry for 2 IPC each turn equal to the result of what is rolled on a D6. If India is pulled into the war she too can built Infantry equal to what is rolled on a D6.

    American and Soviet Allies:
    Any attack on any nation that is allied with these is considered an attack on all allied nations.
    1. American forces can enter any nation allied to America.
    2. No forces allied to America can enter American territories.
    3. No Soviet or Chinese forces can enter each others territories; however they can each liberate them from occupation from enemy forces. They must leave the territory on their next turn.
    4. NATO and United Kingdom can liberate captured American territories. They must leave the territory on their next turn.

    Diplomacy and Neutrality:
    Each player can perform one roll targeting a neutral with the purpose of turning it to an ally. Independent neutrals are colored in a pale peach. Each can become an ally on a roll of 6. If you roll a 5 they can become allies if you make an aid package equal to twice the territories value. Once a neutral becomes an ally the armed forces can be used to fight against your enemies. You do not gain any economic benefits, but the income can be used to build new units that are placed in these territories. In fact if you have a number of them as allies you can pool the money together to build units and place these units as you wish.
        Some neutrals are arranged into a coalition made up of member states. These require 3 steps (hence 3 rolls) of 6 to convert all of these nations. They cannot be converted by economic means. Once they are converted they too can pool their money together and build their own units. Exception: Warsaw Pact nation’s income can be pooled with the Soviet income.

    The following major coalitions are represented on the map:

    1. Middle East (burnt orange)
    2. South American (light green)

    The following nations begin the game as active allies:

    1. United States (green)
    2. United Kingdom (tan)
    3. NATO (grey)
    4. Soviet Union (earth)
    5. China (red)
    6. Warsaw Pact (beige)
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  • Looks great, when can we expect setup cards

  • Since this first scenario is in 1962 why not seperate IndoChina between the Warsaw Pact and US/NATO

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    that was considered two things:

    1. in 1962 Vietnam was basically just becoming a hot point. Communism was just getting control of Vietnam ( right now its basically a soviet ally) The counter to this was an unorganized group in the south that latter called for help and got it. I don’t see that their was in fact an established North and South Vietnam until a few years latter when our help arrived. The game is supposed to represent that as the game develops.

    If you got any map showing Vietnam in 1962 with 2 half’s… then i could make the change.

    1. I’m hoping to allow the map to be somewhat flexible to allow latter scenarios say 1985… so people don’t have to make a new map. So it can show Vietnam after we left.

  • I cant find a map with the exact date, but  South Veitnam was created in 1955 after the Veit Mihn won independce and it was supported by the west until 1975 when North Veitnam overran the country.

    I understand if you want to make the game more flexible between scenarios, but you will have to change IPC values each scenario anyways too.

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    Yea i found that out too and will change it…. anything else you see?

    do you like the pictures of subs and bombers etc? you like more or less?

    I am changing the A bomb with a black and white because it shows up better and will add 2 more images ( carrier and soviet ICBM)

  • Moderator

    I can’;t loojk at your map IMP. I don’t have the program

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    DW adobe reader. its free.

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    ok heres a much better version:


    i think its done. working on setup sheets and a few changes on rules.

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  • @Imperious:

    do you like the pictures of subs and bombers etc? you like more or less?

    I am changing the A bomb with a black and white because it shows up better and will add 2 more images ( carrier and soviet ICBM)

    Yea, well IL the graphics on map are awsome, I could never do anything like this

  • Also, I know its probably more realistic to have dedicated armour infatry units, but I really like you original Idea for an APC unit that would just transport regular infantry or if you decide to keep the armored unit have you thaught about giving armored units second moves, i’ve seen that rule in a lot of variations, it also would make the extra cost for tanks in this scenario well worth it.

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    All units that still have MP left can make an additional move (even if they attacked).

    The armored infantry unit is represented by table tactics APC unit. Right now i only have choppers carrying infantry. I am not too hip with any movements boosts, because the armored infantry is mobile infantry to begin with. i don’t want the lines of regular infantry and armored to get too close. Most of american infantry will be armored, while infantry in say Jordan will be normal.

    the last link for the map is probably the final product.

  • @Imperious:

    All units that still have MP left can make an additional move (even if they attacked).

    Sorry, thats not what I meant. I was thinking that you could give armor and extra attack in a special “Mechanized Phase” after normal atttack. Maybe aircraft should be able to do the same thing.

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