1940 Global Alternate Universe (G40 Alt-Universe)

  • 2020

    G40 Alt Universe Snapshot.png

    G40 Alt-Universe is for those who love Axis and Allies, but are looking for a new strategic experience. The war is the same, but occurs in an alternate universe where the Earth’s land formation happened differently. It’s a return to the early days of pouring over the map and developing strategies in an unfamiliar setting.

    YouTube Video Introduction:

    TripleA Game File Link:


    Rules File:
    G40 Alt Universe Rules.pdf

    Summary (National Objectives) File:
    G40 Alt Universe Summary.pdf

    Unit Placement File:
    G40 Alt Universe Unit Setup.pdf

    G40 Alt-Universe is designed to be played with the components and basic ruleset of Axis and Allies Europe 1940 Second Edition and Axis and Allies Pacific 1940 Second Edition.

    For in-person play, if you already own Europe and Pacific 1940, all you need is a printed map file. If you’re interested in getting the map file, please private-message me or use the email mentioned in the YouTube video.

    If you want to try the game electronically, I’ve also created a TripleA game file, available at the link mentioned above.

    Note that the game is in a beta phase and might still be subject to minor changes, however, no map changes are anticipated and would be done only as a last resort in order to fix an exploit.

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    Hey there!

    I just saw your video on the Grasshopper.

    Awesome stuff you have here. I like the approach of just changing the map, which makes it probably very easy to get going.

    I think though, you should use the opportunity to give cities, canals, (important) territories and maybe the planet itself your own names. It will certainly add to the feel of the game and will feel more lively than moving from “R16” into “City” and such.

    I’d also have nothing against giving the nations a different name. Could still resemble the model-countries, but even a small change would be awesome for immersion I think.

    Kind regards,


  • 2020


    Yeah, I hear you on the immersion. It’s something that I’ve thought about but left off for now for a few reasons:

    1. My priority has always been on strategic tension/intrigue and variety along with balance. I’m definitely still focusing on that for now.
    2. The plan was always for it to be a sort of expansion from the main game for a diversion. I wasn’t really expecting anyone to play it frequently enough to start remembering territory names anyway, but more just mixing it in here and there for variety.
    3. It always felt a bit disingenuous to start naming places on an imaginary map since the real game is based on real places that have history and emotional ties.

    I could invent some names, but that feels like it doesn’t have any context. The other option is just going with “New London”, “New Berlin”, etc. which could also work.

    At any rate, I think the naming is definitely on the back burner and we’ll see if I get there eventually. The current focus is drumming up interest in actually playing it.

    Thus far I haven’t gotten any feedback on any completed, human vs human playthroughs. I’m thinking about doing a map giveaway draw for anyone who completes a TripleA game on the forum. I’m having a banner vinyl map printed that could be shipped to the winner.

    Also looking into having my print shop be able to print and ship to people, rather than them having to figure out the printing process themselves.

  • @Contango
    I have to admit, this looks cool! Have you ever considered drawing up a Pangaea Supercontinent map?

  • 2020


    In terms of putting the vast majority of the land territories in one big continent, I wanted to stray away from that idea because I thought it might lose some of the strategic dimension.

    Conceptually, if all of the objectives are available by land, it kind of removes some desirability/necessity to get involved in naval combat. Even if it was still helpful to buy a navy, perhaps to get to an objective more quicky, you still have relatively few options since you’re basically stuck going clockwise around the Pangea or counter clockwise, and once you’ve decided on a direction you’re committed.

    In some sense though, the Alt-Universe map is already a bit of a Pangaea map… The entirety of Sea Zone 76 is considered a strait that can be crossed by ground units, so the two major continents are connected by land.

    I felt like this was a happy medium since technically you can get to the vast majority the map by land, but the land distance is so far that there’s clear incentive to use a navy to get there faster.

    BTW, not sure if you saw it, but I’m doing a map giveaway draw for anyone who submits a playthrough on TripleA. (solo or bonus if it’s a group game) Here’s the link for more info if you’re interested:


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