New modern A&A variation - Superpowers

  • @Imperious-Leader What a shame, it looked like fun. Thanks for the reply 🙂

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    @AAdudeCPHDK1981 said in New modern A&A variation - Superpowers:

    @Imperious-Leader What a shame, it looked like fun. Thanks for the reply 🙂

    It’s an interesting time capsule of A&A gaming from the mid-90s, before Hasbro breathed new life into the franchise with A&A Europe. It’s got new units, new rules, and a different time period. The colors are bright and you can tell one power from another (usually - just don’t be color blind).

    Sadly, the piece size is all over the place and the rules aren’t truly cohesive. Which is a fancy way of saying that there are holes in the rules. As for those piece sizes…

    (Portrait of pieces from the game Superpowers - (Source)
    Portrait of pieces from the game Superpowers

    The grey pieces are a carrier and a battleship
    The yellow pieces are a submarine and a transport
    The green pieces are infantry and a bomber (stealth bomber, 'natch)
    The blue pieces are a tank and a (jet) fighter
    The pink piece is artillery
    The white pieces are a nuclear bomb, a factory, an anti-aircraft weapon (looks like a HAWK missile to me), a “general”, and a “national leader”.

    The white pieces are white for each power, the pieces in colors are all in the same color for each power. There are 8 powers in the game, each with their own color:

    African Coalition - pink
    Communist China - green
    Euro. Union - grey
    Imperial Japan - red
    Middle-East Fed. - yellow
    Rus. Fed. - orange
    Latin Alliance - light blue
    USA - a blue that’s not light

    More information available on the website:!/

    If you have the desire to buy this game, there are still copies available. As of today (2020 1106), they want $45 plus $15 shipping and handling, but only if you are in the US of A.

    I hope that was helpful for you.


  • @Midnight_Reaper Short answer; sadly I am in the Eu of rope… But if anyone has a complete version up for grabs, let’s work it out 😄

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    The thing with this game among other issues, was that it was “poof” released in final form with no input of any kind from anybody and no advance awareness. It was like a secret weapon used as its finished. He had a sale for $25 each game like stale food from Von’s a day before expiration date.

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