A Few Ideas 4 Rules for Axis and Allies Global war varient

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    This map is huge 15 square feet wow I can use my Axis and Allies Miniatures for this game sweet. I wish, I fear I will never have enough planes though  :x

    These rules are added on to the rules posted in the post with the maps and country cards
    While setting this game up and trying to give it a realistic twist

    National Advantages

    Most of the advantages posted in the revised rules will work. This list has the not so compatible ones changed.
    Russian Winter AA-R
    Non Aggresion treaty AA-R
    Mobile Industry AA-R
    Salvage AA-R
    Tank Guards regiment-Tanks in the cities of Leningrad, Stalingrad, and Moscow defend on 4’s House rule
    Lend Lease AA-R

    Great Britain-
    Radar AA-R
    Joint Strike AA-R
    Common Wealth Troops– Common Wealth Industrial complex’s produce 2 free Infantry during your mobilize new units phase Does not count against build limit this includes newly built complexes. Factories in Sydney And Calcutta Are the common wealth
    Mid-East Oil  Cairo, Trans Jordia, Syria, Iraq, Iran,Southern Iran, Tehran,Upper Egypt AA-R
    French resistance AA-R
    Flying boats- Bombers may attack subs  without destroyer present  Bomber attacks on 3 or less. House rule

    Liberty ships-transports now cost 6 IPC’s House rule
    Marines AA-P
    Mechinized Inf. AA-R
    Fast carriers AA-R
    Superfortresses AA-R
    Lend Lease-- US units,( other then Infantry) May be converted at a I.C. to that country. This Includes ships In a sea zone bordering a Industrail complex. Max of 4 units per turn. House rule

    U-boat Program- Subs Cost 6 IPC’s House rule
    Atlantik Wall- Infantry Defend on 3’s during an Amphibious onto a grey territory house rule excludes Afrika House Rule
    Wolf Packs AA-R
    V-2 Rockets- Fired from AA, Range 3  fired at Industrail complexes,  Max 1 rocket attack per turn per gun, On roll of 5, or 6, V-2 misses What ever is rolled on the other die, equal amount of IPC loss. House Rule
    Panzer Blitz AA-R
    Fortress Europe- African spaces don’t get bonus AA-R

    Japan- all AA- Revised
    Tokyo Expess
    Kamikaze Attacks
    Lightning Assaults
    Dug in Defenders
    Banzai Attacks
    Kaitan torpedoes-- Kamikaze subs Hit on 4’s, does not need to be next 2 red territory.

    Italy- I could use some help here. This is what I was thinking, you really can’t give them a ligitamate Nat’l advantage because the majority of there equipment was crap. Add that to the even crappier training there military overall recieved, backed by their puny production rate, I say give them MORE ships at start of game. Italy did have a rather large Surface fleet, bigger then Germany’s Maybe they get another BB and transport with there fleet. This would be their Nat’l. Advantage.

    Tech Tree-
    1. Jet Fighters
    2. Super Subs
    3. Long Range Aircraft
    4. Heavy Bombers-- Cost 18 IPC’s Move 6,a4,4-d1, can carry two Paratroopers-- Heavy Airtransports, Cost 7 IPC, move 4 a0-d1 May move two paratroopers or Infantry
    5. Combined Bombardment
    6. Heavy Tanks  Cost 8 IPC, move 2, 4-4
    7. Long Range Artillery- Defending Arty gets Prilimanary bombardment. 1 die per Def. Arty need to roll 1’s to hit. Attacking Artillery that is not performing a combat move may choose to support other units attacking adjoining territories. 1 arty per attacking unit.
    A roll of a 1 is a hit  This is also a prliminary bombardment
    8. Mechanized Infantry-Tanks may carry 1 Inf
    9. Super Carriers- can carry 3 fighters
    10*. Industrial Tech. Roll a d6, 1-2 Army 3-4 Navy 5-6*  Airforce IPC reduction in costs. Army- 1 Airforce- 2 Navy- 2 *Battleships -3
    11. ParaTroopers/ Air transports-  Paratroopers- Cost 4 IPC, Move 1 attack 2 Defend 2  air transport
    Airtransport cost 6 IPC move 4 a0,d1 may carry 1 paratrooper or 1 Inf.
    12. Radar- May fire 2 AA that defend on a 2, 2 Die. 1AA = 1 die @ 2, 2AA = 2 Die @ 2, no more then 2 AA may fire from 1 Territory.

    Other Rules That should be included

    Japan gets it’s First Strike As per pacific Rules must be used first turn
    Russia Can’t Attack it’s first turn unless attacked first, or maybe Germany gets a surprise attack against only  Russia, like japans
    surprise attacks
    US control over China be as similar to Pacific rules as you can, this includes builds, Or china can be it’s own country with a 9 IPC Starting income China goes simultanious with US player

    Neutral countries British D-day Pieces
    Italy Yellow Jap Pieces Revised- Italys Tanks were crappy and small also, and at least they are not fielding Shermans
    AA guns- You can Have as many AA guns as you want per territory but gain the benifit of only having one. Only 1 AA gun per territory per turn may fire. This is also true for V-2 Rockets.

    If you want utilize your new trucks that came with Battle of the bulge game,
    Trucks- Cost 4 IPC’s  move 3 Attack 0 Defend 0  Transport 1 Inf. + 1 Arty or 1 Inf  Can be captured not destroyed If a territory is lost that contains a truck the new owner may immiediatly use the truck as it had not moved and was his at the begining of their turn. Passengers Dismount upon contact with the enemy and defend as normal. Trucks movement ends when something dismounts. Trucks can Load move load and move again

    Also this map is perfect if you don’t neccassarily want russia involved right away, kinda like Xeno games world at war.Llots of possibilities with this set up

    Russia collects Half their income until  war is declared on them or the 5th turn, then they are automatically at war  Can only attack neutral territories or chimese territories intil they are at war

    Now any one got an idea for National Advantage’s for Italy or maybe china?

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