• So we’ve all seen alot of axis and allies games from all kinds of dates. 1942, 1940, even 1939. But why has nobody thought of a Pre-War edition? Well you might say “because it would take alot longer to play as no ones at war and first you need to build up your military”. Also wouldn’t it be annoying for Germany because they would have a teeny tiny amount of IPCs. To comonsate they need a military so large they could kill UK, France, Poland, the Russians, US and Japan from the start. Well yes there are these kinks but this game is for history fans. #1 the game will have alot of rules regarding how the war starts and how neutrals factor. Spain starts off in a civil war and Russia is at war with finaland! Also most German players go either Sea Lion or Barbarossa to to prevent that from happening G1 we need some political rules like “Germany must first attack Poland” or something similar. Also this game is on a Global scale and starts in the early 1930s so it will be LOOOOOONNNGGGG!!! It may take a few turns to get to 1939. Anyway it’s a plan I’m proud of so give me your feedback thanks!

  • Spanish Civil War is a good “pre-war” game.

  • What would the benefits be of winning the Spanish civil war.

  • Not a horrible idea, however;

    Historically speaking, the Russian war with Finland began with a Soviet offensive on 30 November 1939 — three months after the start of World War II and the Soviet invasion of Poland — and ended on 13 March 1940 with the Moscow Peace Treaty.  This was called “The Winter War”.

    Prior to that, the only reference I can find to Russia being at war with Finland is The Finnish War was fought between Sweden and Russia from February 1808 to September 1809.

    The Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) broke out with a military uprising in Morocco on July 17, 1936 and ended 1 April 1939

  • I am aware of these historical dates and the problems they pose. Forget them. Lets say the Winter War began in 1935. Is this historically incorrect? Yes. Is it something that COULDN’T have happened in history. I say No but correct me if I’m wrong. The point is to focus on prewar. Soviets didn’t enter the war. Okay spain. If the nazi and Facist supported side (IE the rebels) win then Germany and Italy get 2 extra IPCs per turn but DON’T control Spain. Also if Italy has made one NO on a turn it gets a free infantry (fascist volunteers). If italy gets ALL of its NOs then Spain and all of its troops (6 infantry) join Italy. Winter War. Perhaps the Russians want to attack Finland. Finland is a minor nation. They can buy Infantry and Artillery only (they had a small airforce and even smaller amount of tanks) but Infantry defend of a 3 in Finnish territories and a battle only lasts one round. This represents the rough terrain. This gives the Russians a decision. Waste troops and IPCs on the Winter War or save them. But IF THEY WIN then they get Finland and can prevent further attack from that end. Plus we have the Nazi-Soviet non Aggression Pact. Poland is its own nation with two territories. The baltic states are neutral and bessarabia is Romanian (another minor nation). If the pact is signed it ends the Winter War and the Russians can invade Eastern Poland, Baltic, Bessarabia and they automatically get Vyborg without German interferance. Also Germany can’t invade until France is conquered and Russians can’t invade until so many turns after France is conquered. These are just some ideas lol  😄

  • @Pvt.Ryan:

    I am aware of these historical dates and the problems they pose. Forget them. Lets say the Winter War began in 1935. Is this historically incorrect? Yes. Is it something that COULDN’T have happened in history. I say No but correct me if I’m wrong. The point is to focus on prewar.


    but this game is for history fans.

    ok, you lost me with the contradictory statements.  either you’re doing it historically accurate or not, it can’t be both.  And since you originally said it was for history fans (ie : historical) I brought up the historical accuracy (or lack thereof).

  • No it can be both. I mean the dates don’t have to but the events will. I don’t care when the the invasion of Poland invaded as long as its in the game. If we work this into being COMPLETELY accurate then the game will quite frankly SUCK! Think if AAA was COMPLETELY accurate. Would you still play it even if German lost every single time?

  • '10

    Italian invasion of Ethiopia, Spanish Civil War, and Japan fighting China.  Also a skirmish on the Japanese/Russian far east frontier…

    That would be about all you would be adding to the game.  Other than that it would just be build up and positioning for the 1939 game.

  • 2021 '20 '19 '18 '17 '16 '15 '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    I think a good starting point for a “pre-war” game would be the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War in July 1937.

    The Second World War can be viewed as a combination of several conflicts, one of which was the 1939-1945 war in the European theatre, the other being the war in the Asia-Pacific theatre.  The case can be made that Asia-Pacific war which began in December 1941 was an expansion of the war which started when Japan invaded China in July 1937, because the Second Sino-Japanese War lasted right up until September 1945.  This distinguishes it from a number of “isolated” conflicts that took place before and/or during the Second World War but which did not merge into WWII.  These isolated conflicts include the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 (which involved combat), the German invasion of Czechoslovakia (which didn’t), and the Russo-Finnish Winter War, which all had end points which were autonomous of WWII.  The first half of the Second Sino-Japanese War, on the other hand, can be viewed as the first phase of the Asia-Pacific war, which expanded into its second phase (and merged with the European war) in December 1941.

  • No think up other things Field Marshal. What about the banna wars in central america? (american occupation of central america) and the Soviet-Nazi pact along with the invasion of Poland. Like I said the game is for history fans who like this events. Also it allows more strategic options. Ever thought Great Britain never had a big enough navy? Maybe Germanys Luftwaffe was to small? Then it’s your choice to customize it. Also if you use peices for people like the Dutch, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and other neutrals then we could have alot more players. Also this game uses some hypothectical senarios. What if Germany convinces Argentina to join them? What if the nazis got a foothold in South America before the war? These are all ideas I have drummed up. Also if this game became popular what if FMG or HBG made Iraqi or Argentina peices? Its an idea.

  • Yes CWO (one of our residents history buffs  :-)) has some good points. What would you do if you were Japan? Invade China or pool resources for attacking ANZAC, UK, Russia, or even the US! All these options are open to you!

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