Additional Radar Rules and other musings.

  • This post is based on my limited understanding of naval warfare during WW2 generally, and the effect that reliable radar had on said warfare specifically, so what I am suggesting may be OP, but just bear that in mind when replying, please.

    I propose these additional effects after researching Radar:

    1. Surface Warships, except for TBD’s and Costal Defence Ships, receive +1 to their Attack and Defence values.

    2. Seaplanes receive +2 to their Attack value.

    3. Under Convoy Modifiers during Convoy Raiding; an additional row that reads: “If aircraft are on patrol in the Sea Zone and the aircrafts Nation has Radar Technology, +3”.

    When Radar is researched this will replace the previous row that reads; “If aircraft are on patrol in the Sea Zone, +2”. I know that there is already a bonus for having radar, but I read that as shipborne radar, not airborne radar.

    1. Medium Bombers receive +1 to their Attack value if attacking Submarines.

    This is a bit specific, and as Medium Bombers already attack at 7, I’m not married to this one.

    1. Anti-Aircraft Artillery receive +1 to their Attack and Defence values.

    This is shaky at best, and not related to naval warfare, or radar, so shoot this one at your leisure, (haha, puns), but it is meant to represent proximity fuse AA shells, which had a HUGE impact an AA lethality. Maybe it could be a House Rule Technology?

    Like I said; I don’t think these new rules should definitely be used, but based on the history involved, they could be. Either way, I would appreciate any feedback.

  • @aftertaste I personally really do like the idea of shipborne radar being a bigger deal, but I am not sure how to implement it. the +1 does seem a bit OP.
    Maybe they get +1 attack on round one? Or something like that, for the element of surprise.
    I also wouldn’t give a bonus to subs, as radar wasn’t used on them as much.

  • @trig I like the +1 on the first round of combat, it might not be great considering the fact that players roll a D12, but on top of all the other benefits Radar already gives, it might be the best solution. Also, in GW’36, Subs are not considered Surface Warships, so they wouldn’t receive the +1.

  • @aftertaste I don’t want to make the tech that powerful.
    Think about it this way:
    Any one with radar can build light cruisers, and then they fight just as well as a heavy cruiser for two less IPP. Over time, that get very scary, especially when you can get US Cleveland swarms.
    (This is with +1 all the time)

    Also, on subs, I was writing from memory and just didn’t realize what you wrote. 🙂

  • @trig You may be right, +1 all the time might be too much, +1 on the first round will suffice. What did you think of the other changes I suggested?

  • @aftertaste what about adding a rule for radar stations positioned on the coastline that allows for scramble or added bonuses for ships in the adjacent sea zones?

  • A simple improvement would be giving all Fighters a +1 defense for air superiority (IE the first round of combat) if opposing aircraft exist in the battle.

    I think improving radar to give ships any sort of bonus, would be putting the Japanese theatre vs America at another disadvantage. Japan will never get the chance to research radar, whereas the US with their numerous majors certainly will if they wished.

  • @adalwolf Radar Tech allows Airbases to scramble an unlimited number of aircraft to any adjacent land or sea zone, and, historically; the sort of Radar sites I’m talking about were zero help to warships who were typically fighting well beyond the horizon, relative to any Radar site. Additionally; one of the rules I’ve suggested gives Surface Warships a bonus for Radar Tech anyway.

  • @insanehoshi Air Superiority’s not a bad shout, I hadn’t considered that. I think, though, with all, or even some, of the extra rules I’ve suggested, your rule would definitely make Radar Tech OP.

    You’re right about the tech disadvantage, historically; the Japanese didn’t develop Radar anywhere near to the extent that the Americans did, because of the overwhelming scientific and industrial advantage the US enjoyed.

    When considering the net positive effect that these suggested rules would provide for any Nation that develops the tech, I think that makes Radar almost a go to for Nations with limited tech capability. But you are right, it could unbalance the Pacific in favour of the Americans, which is why I’m not advocating these rules too strongly.

  • @aftertaste I think it would be cool that a country with the radar tech and a radar station would have more advantages. Not necessarily for the ships, but for land based aircraft. Perhaps the unlimited scramble does not change but now when you have the physical radar station in the same land zone or adjacent they get first strike. I would like to use all these cool radar stations HBG has out now.

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    Try if u have land radar can scramble only 1 extra fig from an AB per battle.

    Naval Radar can scramble 1 fig per carrier on defense to any battle.

  • @gen-manstein IMO if we are talking about improving techs, fighters scrambling should be added to Heavy Carriers, as they are weak enough.

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