Optional rule 10,2 “reinforcement of captured bases”

  • Hey,

    I have a question about the optional rule 10,2 “reinforcement of captured bases”, page 45) specifically on the aircraft movement.

    It says that “aircraft may land in non-combat movement at an airbase captured this turn”, but this didn’t precise if this aircraft can land in a captured air base this turn if he didn’t make a combat this turn or not.

    In the rules 10,3 “Air Movement” (page 45), it doesn’t precise much.

    For example : If the airplanes that combat this turn can land in a captured air base this turn, it means that a air transport and a paratrooper based in Normandy can land in New-York after taken it this same turn.

  • Optional Rule 10.2 is in the non-combat section.

    During non-combat, you land the aircraft that took part in combat (10.3) and can move aircraft that did not (10.1), so both options would be available.

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