• I’ve recently begun playing this variation of A&A. It’s a lot of fun, but I’m curious about suggestions for improvement. Tried to find the designer, Sieg, but can’t find the name here in the forum.

    Anyway, I can mention a few things I thought of while I’m writing this anyway.

    • Holland should definitely be Dutch. Very strange that it isn’t.
    • In the same way it would be rational that Belgium would start off as French. This also gives Germany an incentive to hit it immediately, instead of keeping it as a safe-guard against Allied landings.
    • It would actually be much better if Neutrals were handled in about the same way as in G40, were some are pro-Axis/Allies and the rest true neutral.
    • Subs are just crazy. Cost 7 while having all their benifits and the same battle-stats as destroyers, which cost 8.
    • T-boats are clearly over-priced, despite their attack-value. 5, or maybe even 4, would be more appropriate.
    • Infantry costing 2 is also rather insane, although the map sure is a lot bigger, so they’re extra hampered by their slow movement.
    • In the same way tanks costing 5 is likely too cheap.
    • A revision of overall costs, like doubling them in order to get more room for optimization, and likely also then income from territories is a big under-taking. Could be good though.
    • Caucasus, Iraq and the DEI should in a historical sense have higher income-values, considering their extremely important oil-resources. This has of course to be in concordance with game-balance.
    • Would like to have the option of playing with the purchase-phase preceeding the combat move-phase, the original A&A-way.
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  • Thanks! Will do.

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