J mIC's in China destoryed on capture? OOB Global 40

  • 2020

    Good Morning - night, twilight, whatever…

    I am playing a forum game here using triplea. Japan builds mionor IC’s on Shantung and Kiangsu. Later in game, Anzac invades and liberates said territories. They automatically revert to chinese control. I guess, as China can not have nor has use for IC’s, tripleA removed the Japanese built IC’s. The next turn, the J player recaptures said territories, minus mIC’s.

    Is this supposed to happen? I get the base logic that China has no IC’s, but I thought that minor IC’s are never destroyed on capture, and its seems irrelevant to remove them or not if they are on Chinese controlled territories - the “place units in any controlled territory” rule trumps the IC’s.

  • 2020

    Let’s hold off your next J turn until we get a clarification.

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    The Pacific 1940.2 rulebook clearly states on page 10:
    “If a Japanese industrial complex is built on a Chinese territory and that territory is later recaptured by the Chinese or liberated by another Allied power, the industrial complex is removed from the game.”

    HTH 🙂

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