• Greetings everyone. Now, I don’t actually have all the necessary components nor have ever played Global War 1936-1945 myself, but I would like to share a Google Drive I’ve made of every required piece in the game. Assuming that the reader owns a copy of Europe and Pacific 1940 2nd Edition (If you’re going to play Global War you might as well for its pieces, no reason no to) I looked through what pieces these two game provide, how many pieces excess or short they are, and how much it would cost each nation to buy all their pieces. Resources I used to calculate and keep track of everything was Young Grasshopper’s thread of the components of Europe and Pacific 1940, Historical Board Gaming’s own “Needed Pieces” document for Global War 1936, and of coures a TI-84 Calculator. I like to think that I covered all bases and that this would be a master list on how much one would need to spend for each nation and what pieces to buy, as well as potential replacements for pieces that have cheaper alternatives. For individuals who have a full GW’36 game, I would greatly appreciate your input and corrections to my errors and maybe we can use this thread in the future for newbies to the game (like me) when buying pieces? I understand that Generalhandgrenade has made a video about necessary pieces, but I understand that some people would enjoy a document to be able to read at their own pace. (P.S I’ve already asked the admins if I’m allowed to share links and they approved of me doing so).


  • @TheAandAClassicDude

    Right on Classic Dude. I would suggest editing your post with some paragraph breaks to make for easier reading : )

  • '18 '17 '16

    I actually did include a document that you could read below the videos in the description box. The lists on HBG’s site were never accurate, you find that out pretty quickly after playing the game. The new setups for V-3 have a different amount of TBD and Coastal Subs needed for the game. You will find the correct amounts in my list. Thank you for taking the time to make your list.

    Here is mine;

    I didn’t make a list for the neutrals but I did make a video detailing exactly what you needed for them;

  • @GeneralHandGrenade Oh shoot my bad, need me to delete this post because its rife with inaccuracy then? I’ll take your call since you seem to be the latest Global War guru out there.

  • @TheAandAClassicDude No not at all. Feel free to use mine to add the new units that you haven’t listed. The more materials we have out there for players the better.

  • '19

    Nice lists!

    I recently placed the last order from HBG for units I’ll need to make V3 playable when the map arrives later on.

    I probably spent more money than I needed to, even though I will be using coloured chips to indicate some unit types until the rest of the needed pieces are available. I haven’t gotten into painting yet (when I do make that leap, will likely paint a Canadian army out of mixed US and UK pieces) which probably hurts me somewhat as I purchased units in 5 even if I only needed a single one.

    @GeneralHandGrenade’s lists were of great help, and I just used the search function when looking at the neutrals setup PDF to quickly count the units needed there.

  • @RellHaiser Hey RellHaiser, I appreciate your input. I did want to comment on having to buy 5 pieces of a unit which you only need one of though, seems like a real waste. It would be nice if HBG could sell every necessity at $60 per country or something like that, it would save both parties a headache.

    @GeneralHandGrenade Great, I’ll try to use your resources and make the same exact lists with updated requirements according to your lists. I appreciate your input as well, its of great help to an up and coming GW player like myself.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade I was able to complete Germany using your proper pieces list; before I continue to the rest of the powers I’d like to get your opinion. How do you think this is organized? Too complicated, confusing, excessive? You can check it out in my new folder at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qYIo43lRrczPFlhS-Vq-FbCitjk040UL

  • '18 '17 '16

    Yes that looks good. I’m using the old Battleships from HBG for the Coastal Defence Ships. Nevada class for Allies ($3.45). Schleswig Holstein for Germany and Italy ($2.45). Fuso Early War Battleship for Japan ($3.45)

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