• Hello everyone,

    How do players store their Global War pieces? What types of containers do you use? Pictures and links to products would be greatly appreciated.


  • @polybius68 I imagine the standard is Plano 3700’s. I recommend the thin version (1.38" height), but it seems like a lot of players use the standard, deeper ones. These have up to 34 compartments in a box.

    I went with the Plano 3700 CDS (Custom Divider Series) in the thin version (14"x9.13"x1.38"). These are more expensive (about twice as much). I arranged them in 41 compartments. The red stripes indicate advanced (technology) units. I clipped the edges with kohm straight edge clippers and glued them in with JB weld, clear for plastic.
    USA Plano 3700 CDS.jpg
    Row 1: subs, adv subs, hvy CV, hvy BB, Battlecruisers, CA, CL, trans, marines
    Row 2: seaplanes, cav, CV, fast BB, BB, CVE, DD, air trans, airborne
    Row 3: adv art, adv sp art, adv mech, hvy arm, jets, hvy strat bmb, med bom, tac, AA
    Row 4: art, sp art, mech, arm, ftr, strat bomb, td, lt arm, mot
    Row 5: elite marine, militia, inf, mountain, roundels

    I don’t have attack transports or strat rockets and keep those separate. I have 9 of these. One each for: ANZAC, Britain/FEC, USA, France/Vichy/Free, USSR, Ger, Ita, and Jap. The final one I use for CCP/KMT/Repub Spain/Nat Spain.

    You could use a 10th for Fact, extra markers, Rockets, Attack Trans, etc.

  • Home depot has some good options, I was able to get this HDX 65-Compartment 5-in-1 Small Parts Organizer for 7 bucks on sale. I should have gotten more.

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