• What do you guys use to represent some of the new units in the game? HBG has pieces for some of the new units but not all. For example, what do you use for British light cruisers or battle cruisers?

  • What we do usually is use different colored chips to represent things. So for example a black chip under a cruiser can be a battle cruiser and a purple one can be a light cruiser. But if you put the white chip under a medium bomber or something then that black chip can represent a sea plane. HBG has packs of 50 chips that will work well for this in various colors, and they aren’t that expensive either.

  • Depends on whether you are a painter or not for British Light cruiser. If you are not a painter (like me) your only real option at the moment apart from chipping it is the Neutral De Ruyter class cruiser in tan.

    If you are a painter you could get the 3D printed Leander class and spray paint tan but these are quite dear ($15 for 10, plus the paint of course) and despite being a genuine British light cruiser they are a bigger sculpt than the OOB A&A County class which is a heavy cruiser. If your not a Brit like me you could probably just swap round what they represent but that just doesn’t feel right to me!

    There was an HBG update on YouTube pre-Christmas which makes it clear which units are coming out to fill the current gaps in the range and the plan for the light cruiser is for it to be the Leander sculpt , which makes sense given the brits are the only major naval power in the game now without a proper plastic sculpt for the light cruiser. Just hope they shrink it a bit compared to the current 3D printed one so it works better with the existing A&A OOB County class sculpt.

  • Also on a British battlecruiser the OOB A&A 1941 battleship sculpt is actually the famous battlecruiser -HMS Hood, flagship of the Royal Navy until sunk by the Bismarck and Prince Eugen at Battle of Denmark Strait. Can also use for Americans and Russians as used for their battleships in that game as well. In stock on HBG last time I checked (about a week ago).

  • Here’s the link to the right HBG video - 2.50 in it starts.


    Useful reference to what is coming down the line so you can plan ahead with what you chip out for now.

  • I’ve found that a couple sheets’ worth of paper “Light” and “Heavy” roundels works to disambiguate which tanks/cruisers/battleships/carriers/bombers are which. Not the prettiest option, but sure is the cheapest.

    For instance:

    Heavy roundels designate - Heavy Artillery (my homebrew artillery tech “Heavy Artillery Doctrine”, same stats except Costs +1, supports two infantry units), Heavy Tanks, Heavy Strategic Bombers, Heavy Cruisers, Heavy Carriers, Heavy Battleships

    Light roundels designate - Light Tanks, Light Cruisers, Light Carriers, and I use “Light” roundels to indicate “Fast Battleships” as well, since they move faster than ‘standard’ battleships

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