• Hello everyone. I have just started building a 1936 game and I am a little overwhelmed by all the pieces needed. Is the list on HGB accurate do I need that many? I watched a youtube video that seemed to suggest not needed quite that much. I have started gathering all the pieces and thats not really the issue I am also painting them and it takes forever lol. I made a spreadsheet per what HBG suggests and added the neutrals. The stuff highlighted in green at the ends of the rows is what I have so far. I attempted to salvage pieces from a few AA games but I didnt have enough(uploaded a pdf since the resolution on the picture got so reduced) Gw1936v3partslist012722-page-001.jpgGw1936v3partslist012722.pdf

  • gw1936mylist.xls
    Here is the excel spreadsheet with all pieces suggested by HBG and then I added the neutrals from the placement reference sheet. I got rid of my extra columns for markers but you can add them again if using markers for certain units like mountain infantry, coastal subs, and the like. In case this would be useful to anyone it took me a while to make lol.

  • It’s hard to say because of everyone else’s play style. It’s going to come down how much money and time you want to spend. I have five different versions of Axis and Allies and that still wasn’t enough pieces.

  • Some of these numbers, especially for Italy and Anzac, are way over what is really used in an average game.

    I would recommend that you start playing with the pieces that you already have and use plastic tokens or any other marker for the units that you don’t have.

    That way you will see what pieces you really need and those that don’t get that much use.

    If you wait until you have a “complete” set before you start playing, you will never get the feel for this and it will cost you a lot of money to buy pieces that may just stay in the box.

    However, take into account that most battle pieces are sold in sets of five by HBG.

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