First Encounter with TripleA, a noob's first games.

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    So, Russia R1 with a limited attack, just trying to playtest having a surviving sub stack with the UK fleet.

    Russian sub runs away, and lives to fight another day

    Trying to get a good series of shots, but a video is probably what I really need, cause the steps don’t show up in FRAPS.

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    So FRAPS video is useless, as the program doesn’t capture images except on the active window. Just screen shots, then:

    Trying to get the German AI to attack Karelia on turn one, and lose fighters taking it…

    But then the AI does this instead:
    Why do this, at all, but especially why do this when the enemy has 1 or more BB to post shot your fighter, for free?

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    Is there any interest in this kind of thing, and is this ok? I don’t want to post massive numbers of images, in case that eats up to much bandwidth, and I’m not really sure just how linking to imgur hosted images works, so stopping now and awaiting a stop/go comment…

  • @CrazyIvan I am not sure what you are aiming at.

    Do you want to demonstrate strategies? Then you could write some articles and add an image here and there for illustration purposes. This should be done in the respective game forum.
    If you want to show complete games on this forum you additionally can provide a savegame with your text. Other users can load this game then and use the history mode.

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    A couple of things I was thinking of doing, but with the way FRAPS works and TripleA runs, I’m probably better off trying to just use a regular game board and pieces, as then I can post the exact situation where a choice needs be made. I don’t know anything {YET} about using the save game file posting, other than that it is possible. Are there some saved games posted in threads that I could look at and then post about, and where exactly should such comments be made?

    I love the look and feel of TripleA classic, and even if I don’t get why the AI is doing what it is, it’s still a fun and enjoyable playing experience, but as a way of playing/demonstrating real-board situations and such, I’m not sure it is going to work well and easily. Maybe once I experiment with the editor feature, I’ll be able to set up some of the exact situations I’m looking at.

    I was looking at some excerpts for a couple games played by @AcesWild5049 and wanted to make comments, but not in the game thread itself, so folks that don’t want to be reading my noob questions don’t have the game thread cluttered up.

    Eventually, I’m going to want to start posting my ideas for things, and some things are simple, like changing the tech system, and others are far more sweeping.

    One of the simplest things I want to do, is put in my ideas for multi-board A&A classic, and with the ability to publish my own custom maps into TripleA, I can get folks to easily see what I’m talking about. I’ll do the part that I can do, right now, and then folks can tell me what they think and how hard to actually implement my ideas will be.

  • @CrazyIvan OK, I have got some ideas that quickly came to my mind when reading your last posting.

    I had only tested FRAPS for a short time years ago but it was not what I wanted in the end.
    For my purposes I am happy with these small but comfortable tools:

    Both work perfectly with TripleA. For example I created this: with screentogif.
    Maybe you want to try those out.

    Indeed you can set up scenarios/special situations in TripleA using the Edit Mode.
    Every game related topic should go to the respective category or House Rules depending on what you want to publish. Just create a new thread there.

    You will find a lot of savegames in the Play Online Axis & Allies subcategories. These are the games that have been played or are still active “Play by Forum” games. However there won’t be many Classic games.

    Game discussion are to be found in their game categories. There are sometimes After Action Reports or discussions about special scenarios and strategies. I can’t remember any topics though, that follow special games from their beginning to their end.

    HTH :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Just gonna butt in here and point out that there is another way to play the Classic:

    the VASSAL module is, in my opinion, the best way to play AnA Classic online except that there is no AI and though it can be done via PBEM it is rigged up best for live games:

  • @AcesWild5049 Thank you for bringing this software back to attention. I remember having looked into it years ago.
    Out of curiosity: In how far do you consider the online (live) mode being superior to TripleA?

  • @Panther

    It’s a near perfect rendition of the original on a digital format:

    It utilizes interactive scans of the aids that came with the original game. The battle board for instance allows both players to “stack” their pieces in each appropriate “column”. They then click on the number in that column to begin that columns roll and merely punch in how many die to roll. The hits are shown and the defender allocated the casualties, placing them behind the casualty line. It’s exactly how the oob game was designed to function. This is the single biggest advantage to the VASSAL version. It’s built around the column rolling game engine.

    They also have an interactive scanned copy of the IPC tracker with tech tree attached.

    The map and pieces are original looking scans. They even use roundels to mark captured territory as in the original. All in all, the VASSAL version definitely captures more of the original feel and play style.

    AAA has its advantages though, don’t get me wrong. It’s just missing the column rolling engine.

  • @AcesWild5049 Very interesting, thank you for elaborating on this.

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