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Axis and allies spring 1942 classic need help!

  • Hello all so here is my situation…

    My uncle has been playing forever and he is basically unbeatable if I play on his team we smash but if its me vs him one on one I can never win. I prefer to play as axis because as allies victory is just impossible. I know that sounds strange but its true. He has so many off the wall things that I’ve just never seen.

    Ok my questions
    1 how can I invade or utterly cripple England first turn?
    2 how do I counter if America builds bombers?
    3 wth can I do in Africa seems like a waste but if I ignore it England builds 2 or 3 industrial complexes and saves Russia

    Need a way to counter a good player something off the wall I typically do well first 2 turns then I’m doomed thanks

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    Welcome to the forum, Hulce211  🙂

    Please clarify which game you are talking about as your headline might match three different games:

    1. “1942 second edition” of 2012 - about that one is the subforum you posted in
    2. “Spring 1942” of 2009 - we have another dedicated subforum for it
    3. A&A Classic (usually of 1986 or sometimes 1984) - we have another dedicated subforum for it.

    In case you refer to 2. or 3. it will be no problem to move the thread to the correct forum.
    Just let us know.

    Thank you 🙂

  • @P@nther:

    3. A&A Classic (usually of 1986 or sometimes 1984) - we have another dedicated subforum for it.

    Well “dedicated” might be too strong a word… it’s not even called the “A&A Classic” forum (I really wish it were).

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