Dice server not connecting

  • Hi all I am new to the forums.  Been play Triple a vs the AI and am trying to get into the forum games,  I think I have set it all correct but in the triple A game setup I try to “test” the dice server and get this message

    Contacting  dice.tripleawarclub.org
    Connection failure:Connection timed out: connect
    Please ensure your Internet connection is working, and try again.”

    My internet is working cause well i’m posting this message,  my email has been registered and double checked.  I have tried a hard reboot on my computer and tried using my VPN to no avail.  any suggestions?  Thanks. 😐

  • FIX:

    It seams I had an old version of Triple A installed .3307 i installed a new version .9687 and it works

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    Hey Gargoile,

    good to hear that it works with the updated version of TripleA.
    There is a lot of ongoing development so you were right to check for a new version.

    Enjoy  🙂

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