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    For those who have used the YG/Intrepid custom map file, I have a question.  Is there a limit as to how large a map this file can be stretched?  I know it is intended for 72x33, but how much resolution is lost going larger? Is it still usable at 80x36?  Somewhere in between?

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    My printer just reformatted it to the size I wanted and just send to the banner printer. Made my maps to 96” x  48” but not YG map.

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    You’ll want to make sure that you only give the printer one number, like 80. They will make the height based upon the width so that it maintains the same shape. I had one of
    Grasshopper’s older maps made a bit larger (77 wide) and it made no difference in the quality. My friend had one made (99) and it looks the same as mine only larger.

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    You should be fine up till 100 inch wide. Note that the printed map quality will be slightly less quality up close, but you won’t be able to tell the difference during game play when you look across the whole map.

  • Thanks for the information guys! I’ve been wondering this for a while.  There’s a resized version( I’d post the link here but not allowed yet) but it’s stripped of a bunch of the additions I like.  The thread title is “Cleaned-up G40 map / 96x48” (Preview)"

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