Upsized Map of 1942 (2nd edition) has anyone made it yet?

  • Hi there all.
    Has anybody finally made their own customised & upsized map of the 2nd Edition of Axis & Allies 1942, which was released in 2012. Don’t get this one wrong for the edition which was released back in 2009 (Spring 1942) let alone the revised edition which was released back in 2004.
    I’m aware good old Imperious Leader & others made some good quality & professional presentation of upsized customised maps, but so far I have not found the files for the 2nd edition of 1942.
    If anybody has made an upsized map of 2nd edition, please let me know. Thanks.

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  • Thank you man. Very much appreciated for your kind effort. Best wishes.  🙂

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    Here is a second one, just finished a few days before.

  • Thanks to you as well. I’m going to the printers to get my upsized 2nd edition of A&A 1942 printed on a huge canvas material. I drop my hat off to you guys. Thanks.

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    Sorry for the late reply, but here is newer version, just finished and slightly improved/changed in comparison to the map mentioned above:


    • IPC chart in two colors with different camouflage filling patterns
    • new mobilization zone, with camouflage patterns
    • transparent bitmaps of battleships included (Bismarck, USS Missouri with destroyer, Yamato, Hood)
    • transparent bitmaps of a submarine (Type VII c) and a fighter (IL-2 Sturmovik) included
    • cutting frame (for printers) included

    CAVE: this map is really big concerning disk space (2 GB), whereas it has the same size as the other one, mentioned above. This may cause an download time of up to 2 hours, depending on the performance of your PC.

    I assume, the disk space needed is due to the transparent bitmaps included and the method of exporting the CorelDraw-File to a PDF-Format (roundabout 20-30 buttons to combine for the settings). Till now, I didn’t find another method to save the CorelDraw-file to a PDF with a less amount of memory space needed.

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    What size do you recommend printing these maps in?  Im building a table to mount a 60x30 size map.  Also any recommendations on table size would be appreciated.  I want to have enough space to accommodate as many custom maps from this forum as possible.  Thanks for the great maps guys!

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    The size of the map is 1625mm x 863 mm, if you give it to a print shop they will appreciate to print this map exactly in this size. If you’d like to have a larger size of the map, the resolution of the map probably will degrade.

    I decided to use 1625mm x 863 mm, because the 1942 first edition map is of the same size. One table - two maps of identical size…

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    one additional comment:

    I recommend to follow the map1942.2-thread in the AA1942 section, the latest version of the map is linked there.

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