Could someone make a sticky for how to create and print a map ?

  • As topic , i personally want to make a new map on the PC , and im clueless on what software or method to do it , also would like to know details on how to print those maps to a fine quality without losing detail to the map

    it would be nice if these info can be stickied here

  • Great idea.  Which map are you making?  For what game/scenario?

  • I was thinking a 41 map , near the one where deathhead picked up from an older project  , but add in more personal preferences lol now i need to know how lol

    it would be nice to receive some help lol

    heres a list of what i would change :

    For players aid :

    1. add in cruiser ship for the purchase chart

    2. add in neutral deploy unit symbols on the map (just for neutrals)

    To add a bit more realism :

    1. make japan into 4 areas :

    “The four largest islands are Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku, together accounting for 97% of Japan’s land area.”

    1. Gibraltar : who ever controls this can pass through between there and Morocco

    3)  Denmark : who ever controls it can pass through sea zone 18

    1. Norway : who ever controls it can pass through sea zone 17

    2. Maylay : who ever controls it pass through sea zone 70

    3. add in polisti (the main oil production for Germany , inside Romania) for Romania as a victory city

    4. Change name of Cairo to Egypt : and make Cairo a victory city inside it

    Cool add Portugal beside Spain as neutral (will join axis if attack) and Azores belong to them too

    1. Iraq was actually pro axis , so at least make it neutral (join axis if under attack)

    2. add in whales for mainland England

    3. add in northern Ireland as England controlled separating from Eire

    12 ) add in Belgian at where it was

    1. add in Cherbourg at western France as victory city

    2. Split Yugoslavia into two half  , the inner land first half still remains Yugoslavia (inner land) or as Croatia  as German control, All the shore areas are into one new area (maybe something like Italian owned Yugoslavia) this area connects mainland Italy and Greece / Albania together

    3. add port in Vladivostok

    4. add Soviet convoy at sea zone 134

    5. add German convoy at sea zone 18 (all the Sweden minerals are imported there)

    6. add British convoy in sea zone 64 (Suez was the most important supply line for Africa)

    7. Argentina would turn axis if under attack ( they were pro axis at the time )

    8. Brazil would turn allies if under attack (pro US they were)

  • No one can help ??? At least point me to a game board making company……><

  • Sorry can’t help you with this one.  I have no talent in this matter…

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