Rammstein's Custom Vinyl Maps - The better way to play

  • Hello friends,

    Are you tired of playing on SMALL, crummy boards, with too much clutter and creases that wont allow chips to stand properly, never mind trying to read the map and having an ugly fold in the way, then accidentally knocking one corner of the board and having it nuke all your pieces? Ever get frustrated when you invade Normandy and there are so many pieces on the territory you can’t even find it? I know I am. And forget about blow up boxes and task force markers - if these are necessary something is very wrong.

    I used to play games like Global with the boards set up and a large piece of plexi-glass on the top to protect it and get rid of ugly creases. I was even considering building a large custom table like some of the people on this forum and permanently covering the board with plexi glass. Or even building a large frame to place the board in to make it transportable…

    After playing my first game of Global War 1939 with Gargantua and his group, I was mightily impressed with the map. It was HUGE! And colorful, and printed on vinyl, so there were no ugly creases and it wiped off nicely. This is the way war games are meant to be played. I thought to myself, why not make ALL my favorite maps on vinyl. So that’s what I did.

    Special thanks to Imperious Leader, who was kind enough to supply most of these files AND make minor adjustments for me. It was worth it my friend.

    First on the list is Global War 1939, just to show the scale and quality. I purchased this off of HBG, but the others I did myself at a print shop.

    2014-04-24 17.40.02 (1280x960).jpg

  • Here’s Global 1940, the Europe side

    Vinyl is nice because you can simply roll up one end if you aren’t playing it like shown.

    Also, chips are almost completely unnecessary, which I personally like.

    2014-04-24 22.20.52 (1280x960).jpg
    2014-04-24 22.21.06 (1280x960).jpg

  • Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition

    2014-04-26 21.39.18 (1024x768).jpg
    2014-04-26 22.14.17 (1280x960).jpg

  • Anniversary 1941 setup

    2014-04-26 21.40.02 (1280x960).jpg
    2014-04-26 21.44.29 (1280x960).jpg

  • WW1 1914

    Finally, armies will fit into the embattled territories. And no more of the god awful oob chips that came with this game.

    2014-04-26 22.28.06 (1280x960).jpg
    2014-05-03 20.55.16 (1280x960).jpg

  • More 1914

    2014-04-26 23.04.02 (1280x960).jpg
    2014-04-26 23.04.48 (1280x960).jpg

  • IL’s Battle of the Bulge variant map.

    Sorry, I didn’t set up the pieces for this yet.

    2014-04-26 23.28.33 (1280x960).jpg
    2014-04-26 23.28.57 (960x1280).jpg

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    I like the color changes for 1914. Interesting choice for UK and Ottoman

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    Great looking maps, Rammstein.  Nice crisp detail, good colour choices and plenty of elbow room.

  • I WANT ONE! Wow, these look fantastic. I also like how you set it up like an infomercial lol.

  • Heh, I guess it does sound like an infomercial.

    I suppose if there is one drawback to these maps is that you need a large table to play on. But most serious gamers will have that base covered. I kind of like standing over the board and moving pieces around, makes you feel like you’re in a war room deciding the fate of the world  :evil:

  • I would seriously be willing to pay any one of you to have one of these made for me that has worked with a proven print shop that will do quality work. I’d pay (in USD)for the expenses of having it made as well as a little extra for the effort…OR put me in contact with a print shop one of you has used that’s proven and I can make some phone calls/emails and knock it out from there. Any takers?

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    You just download the maps and print them off. What is difficult? Visit Variants or ask the lad to get you links to what you need.

  • I can’t download anything on my work computer (military) and all I have at home is an iPAD. So it can be complicated.

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    No. just get the link you need and contact AAA flag and banner. They will accept a link and mail you a print of what you need. I know they do this because they did it for me.

  • @Rammstein:

    WW1 1914

    Finally, armies will fit into the embattled territories. And no more of the god awful oob chips that came with this game.

    Whoah cool, that’s the 1914 map Imperious Leader created for me and I updated. Glad it’s getting use, my gaming group LOVES it! I don’t even remember uploading it, where did you get it? I upload so many mods for lots of games I lose track what I uploaded where.  😄

  • Man, I don’t even remember where I got it. Off of the forums somewhere. I had it saved from before I even thought about printing maps lol.

    But yes it’s great. It removes a lot of confusion for newer players, and even myself.

  • How can I get one of your WW I 1914 vinyl maps
    I had my map enlarged to twice it’s size and bought
    Extra pieces so I don’t have to use those dreaded poker chips

    Bryan Leshinskie


    We are playing world war I 1914 at my club in reading
    Pennsylvania. …

    And everyone loves the game with the changes I made

  • Been wanting to do this for quite a while now. For those of you that have printed the 1940 map recently,  how much did it cost you?  I’ve been calling a few local print shops, and it’s looking like I’ll need to pull a second mortgage!!! Most quotes seem to be around the $400 range for a print out that’s around 4’x8’. Thanks guys.

  • Regarding prices, here are some quotes that I got from two different Southern California print shops  (I had posted this also on the thread entitled Ambilzi & Grasshopper’s 1940 Global Map)

    The first print shop provided the following estimates (note the $52 set up fee):

    SET UP:  $52.05 ( digital color file set up, latex printer set up)

    48" x 105" vinyl $142.63  print digital color 4/0 on white smooth vinyl (15oz)

    48" x 105" canvas  $300.13  print digital color 4/0 on canvas

    48" x 105" versa fabric  $273.88  print digital color 4/0 on versa fabric

    53" x 116" vinyl  $174.63 print digital color 4/0 on white smooth vinyl (15oz)

    53" x 116" canvas $368.13  print digital color 4/0 on canvas

    53" x 116" versa fabric $335.88 please note: print cannot be any larger, printing on a 54" rolld

    A second set of quotes from a different Southern California printing company for printing on vinyl (the type of material used for advertising banners):

    48"x105" ,  white 64" Roland EcoSol Banner, solvent 6 color Roland 4sf  $230.80

    53"x116",    white 64" Roland EcoSol Banner, solvent 6 color Roland 4sf  $258.78

    56"x122.5",  white 64" Roland EcoSol Banner, solvent 6 color Roland 4sf  $277.42

    (I might check on the AliBaba website to see what I can find for printing services in China.  Also, I’m checking on the possibility of printing on upholstery vinyl and marine vinyl).

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