1. When the rulebook states that “China’s resources can not be mixed with those of other Allied powers” what does that mean exactly?

    We are currently in a game now, turn 4, where Russia and Japan are not at war. The Russians have evacuated the east and are working their way back to Moscow. After getting past Mongolia they decided to enter Kansu, alongside a Chinese infantry unit. Is this allowed? Is it allowed if Russia and Japan are at war? Not at war?

    1. I understand the Chinese can leave their marked territories in two examples. But is that only if they have been taken by Japan and the Chinese are liberating them? Or can they enter Brit-owned Kwangtung and Burma to bolster defense?

    2. If any of the Allies capture Manchuria or any of the other original Japanese controlled Chinese-marker territories, do the IPCs go to the Chinese economy?

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    Hi Southside

    #1 it means China’s IPCs that they receive can only be used to buy Chinese units. Yea, Russia can’t enter China unless they’re at war with Japan.

    #2 I’m not a 100% certain of. If UK isn’t at war with China, I don’t think they can enter those TTys. Otherwise yes they could.

    #3 Yes, China gets the cash. I’m not sure about Kwangtung but I’d assume it’d go to UK pacific unless their capital has been captured, then China would get the dough. I’m sure someone else will chime in with a definitive answer for ya.

  • It is important to know that there is zero downside for Russia to declare war on Japan.  That action alone doesn’t affect the Mongolia situation or allow Japan to do anything that it couldn’t have done otherwise.  You might as well declare war on Japan on R1.  That allows you to have Russian units move into China whenever they feel like it.

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    Young Grasshopper does a fantastic video here on the Mongolian Rule which may help you dive deeper in a search for answers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aALZphE6wdI


  • I think there is one point worth adding to the answers you already have Southside:

    If India has fallen, whichever allied power captures UK Pacific territories gets the ipcs until such time as India is liberated. As you realise, China can only capture Kwangtung and Burma. China would get the ipcs if they capture these territories.

    That was probably already clear, but just in case ……


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