1. The National Objectives qualify several bonuses if Italy, France, and Germany are at war (for Germany, “with the European Allies”), when I thought they started at that state.  Is there a case when they wouldn’t be (and the game wouldn’t be over)?

    2. Does “When Japan is at War with the Western Allies” mean UK, ANZAC or US, or all three at once (UK, ANZAC, and US)?

    3. Does the new rule on Submaries mean that Submarines can not attack a transport by itself?  Or, is this rule there because players submersed thier Subs when attacking in a naval battle, and when they lost and only transports remained, declared the submersed Subs sunk the transports?

    4. It appears that the rules for repairing Strategic Bombing damage (Damage Repairs…) and the subsequent notes on ICs and bases did not change.  Is that true?


  • Official Q&A

    1. No.

    2. Any of them will do (including France).

    3. It modifies the rule on page 30 of the Europe Rulebook that allows subs to shoot at enemy transports as they move by.  It changes nothing about how subs behave in combat.

    4. They have not changed from Alpha+.1.

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