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    This question is for anyone previously familiar with the site Game Table Online and it’s timely demise. What exactly happened to cause them to fold? I thought the games looked great and were pretty playable using the AARevised.
    I would like to know, especially if anyone from WOTC is reading this, if anyone knows of any plans to bring back something similar or better (IE Global 1940).

    To the Triple A people who are about to respond, I know about Triple A. I want to know if anyone has any information about this particular subject.

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    I heard Wizards would not renew the contract.

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    Over a year ago, there was a discussion thread somewhere on this forum (I can’t recall in what section) about GTO’s demise.  As I recall, GTO was supposedly saying that it was shutting down temporarily and that it would return sometime in the following year with a new game that it would be offering in some kind of partnership with Larry Harris rather than WotC.  The details were quite vague, and nothing seems to have come of that initiative…assuming that it was indeed an initiative that had any substance to it, rather than just speculation.

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