• does anyone have good setup for 1939 for global game? :?

  • I would, but they shorted me the 2 polish cavalry units I’d need to show you.  If I can find some monopoly horsies on ebay cheap I’ll get back to you.

  • @MaherC:

    I would, but they shorted me the 2 polish cavalry units I’d need to show you.   If I can find some monopoly horsies on ebay cheap I’ll get back to you.

    polish cavalry? so you mean those guys that tried to destroy german tanks with horses?

  • Unless it involves the Axis a 50% or greater win chance then MaherC would not be interested.

  • really?  Because I have no problem w/the Spring 42 release, and I screamed up and down about Pac40 being unbalanced towards the Axis.    So check your facts kid.

  • easy now

  • '10

    I would be really interested in a 1939 version also.  But the POLITICAL RULES would have to be worked out

  • I would rather see a later version-setup (41) so most of the political rules work them selves out. Lets get to the fighting, enough tip-toeing around.

  • I would be really interested in a Global game where all powers were balanced equally from the start and you could forge your own alliances.  In fact i’ll have a go at writing some rules for it.  How great would it be to be able to forge an alliance and then betray it haha.

  • Customizer

    The various political alignments are listed on my draft country cards, posted at the bottom of this thread:


    They begin in 1939, and list changes up to the end of 1942.

    I firmly believe a pre 1942 scenario should have 4 independent power groupings; one alteration here would be that instead of being Pro-Allies neutrals would be Pro-Western Allies, or Pro-Soviet.

    Some may even be “Anti-Soviet” or anti some other country or group for these purposes.

    There’d be no need for them to be perfectly balanced as any group with a starting advantage would be less likely to gain allies.

  • hm, I was more thinking just having the OOTB powers.  using all those minor powers would be confusing.  Plus who wants to play a really minor power anyway.

    IL… Do you have rules for a global game where you can ally with any other power?

  • Customizer

    You misunderstand my post - there are only ever four powers, with the neutrals acting just like OOB, but with different alignments.

    It really should be:

    1939- June 1941 Four Power game (Allies[UK & F], Axis[G & I], USSR, Japan)

    Becomes three power game after June 1941 (i.e. USSR joins the Allies)

    Becomes two power game after December 1941 (Japan joins the Axis)

    It’s reasonable to assume that the USA only ever joins the Allies, and that (before June 1940) Italy only ever joins the Axis.  The position of China is tricky, since we don’t want to exclude the possibility of an Allied/Japanese alliance, but where does that leave China - a neutral that the other powers (i.e. not Japan) can send aid to without it being a DOW on Japan?

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