• Had a 6 player Global game Saturday. After 45 minutes of setup we got started about 11am. The game lasted 10 hours and 6 rounds (horrible timing right?). First thing was, we all loved the map, loved how grand a scale this game was on. Went over any rule changes, new units, and tech changes (we decided to keep AA50 token rules). Drew random teams and began, I drew Germany.

    I definitely planned right away to take UK asap and be in position to attack Russia on G4. Bought a tech and landed it first turn, got Paratroopers (yay!). Bought a carrier and a destroyer. Didn’t want to spread myself too thin in France, so I just took France on G1 and left Normandy for Round 2. Also took Finland and the other pro-axis (was it Bulgaria?) and killed all UK navy around Great Britain. I thought the sacking of London would take more rounds then it did. However my paratroopers were sweet and 2 from Paris, 2 from West Germany, 1 tank 1 inf on transport, and my planes took UK G2. Took Yugoslavia, and moved to Russia border. Kept building line for G4 Russia attack, sent fleet to kill the rest of UK navy in Med, held off USA attempt to liberate UK. R3 they saw my huge wall of tanks/mech/tac bombers and left a wall of 1inf defenders with massive armies in territories beyond that, so I just took East Poland with minimal forces and let him come to me, which he did, and then I crushed his armies en route to Leningrad. Never got to Stalin or Moscow, didn’t need to, (We quit at 12 cities, its 2/3 of the VC’s on the board, but we wanted to go to 13 cities originally).

    Russia was bummed because he really couldn’t do anything except build forces until R4. But why attack early if your Germany? You’re making extra money while NOT at war with them. Russia did declare war on Japan on R2. Japan anticipated this and left good defense in Korea (not Manchuria). Russia took Manchuria, and Japan crushed Russia J3. I originally thought Russia could be a monster, and that the 2 free Infantry in Novosibirsk would be great, but they weren’t by G4.

    Japan attacked UK round 1 but not America because we thought that wouldn’t affect them, but it did. Played an alright game there, ended up taking China J4 and Calcutta J6. Had minor IC in one of those coastal China territories. USA tried a couple times to take Japan but he had so many fighters there to scramble it was crazy. Japan was making over 60 most of the game. 80 in hand at end.

    UK was getting hosed the whole time (Italy was too). UK killed Italy navy next to Greece, attacked the Italians next to Libya. On UK 1 their big debate among their team, was to either kill Italy’s navy, or return to defend UK. They decided to go after Italy navy, and to bring Destroyer and Transport from Canada over to UK and kill my 2 remaining subs there and reinforce London with 2 units from Canada. However he flew all his fighters out to Med also to help with navy and only built 3 new infantry in London, then 2 for South Africa, withdrew navy in Pacific to India. Didn’t play the best and we all wondered how different it would have been had UK pulled back to Britain instead of attacking Italy.

    Italy obviously had no navy the whole game, so had to play the ground and tried to rebuild a navy. Had Greece and Southern France from the beginning. At end took Cairo after UK fleet in Med was destroyed by Germany. Had to retake Greece from UK. On I6 had a good amount of money, got Iraq to help kill some Brits, ended up with 32 ipc’s after bonus.

    Anzac did nothing but build two aircraft carriers and take new guinea to get their bonus of 5 for the entire game.

    USA Was at war US1 but didn’t attack anything. On US3 they attempted to take Japan, and would have except at the end of the fight when I asked where all of his planes came from he said Hawaii. They couldn’t make it that far, and we reset it because he won in the end with 1 tank versus 1 fighter. He decided to not attack after the reset. Tried again on J4 and just killed the navy, however by then Japan built another 6 fighters on Japan and pulled back his entire navy and crushed the USA attack. US’s last fleet was crushed on Alutian Islands on J6 attack.

    That was the game! We loved it all together. We thought it took longer than normal but that was because it was our first time with this new game. We just wondered about UK…

  • Russia only gets the 2 free inf in E40

  • @calvinhobbesliker:

    Russia only gets the 2 free inf in E40

    Really? I wish they could, sounded really great. Too bad it didn’t matter anyway.

  • Sounds like an awesome game! I wish my group could find the time to play a whole Global game… 😞

  • I’m still really giddy about playing this game, I’ll just probably have to wait until the holidays to get some serious time to play though.

  • sounds great,i have pacific and my europe game is in the post,im gonna set it up in the shed,that way we dont have to do the whole game in one day,we can come back another time

  • I’m probably going to have to set mine up in my garage on the ping pong table, as of right now that is the only thing large enough to hold the board except the floor.  😮

  • Germany… with Paratroopers… on Round 1 on the game…  That is the best possible setup you could have ever hoped for!

    It seems the UK didn’t see Sealion coming or thought that there wasn’t much he could do to prevent it (though you did only invade with 1 transport and 4 inf, think he didn’t buy all infantry like he was supposed to.)  The US should also have been liberating the hell out of England with a J1 attack by Round 3, especially if you only had 1 transport to reinforce the island.

  • @maverick_76:

    I’m probably going to have to set mine up in my garage on the ping pong table, as of right now that is the only thing large enough to hold the board except the floor.  😮

    I was thinking I need a ping pong table, but not for ping pong for axis and allies. lol.

  • I love Ping pong, but A&A is also a love of mine too, lol.

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