1940 Global A-Bomb TripleA Mod

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    This is a triplea mod based on Gargantua’s Research Facility, some house rules from Der Kuenstler’s Excellent Home Game and Great Ideas from Black Elk, Midnight Express, CWO Marc, Baron Munchausen and Others.

    The rules for the research facility may be found here:


    The rules for Der Kuenstler’s Excellent Home Game may be found here:


    While unable to duplicate the aforementioned rules exactly, due to triplea limitations and my own, we came pretty close. Since this is a house rule game the following is only a guideline. So mix and match all you want. 🙂

    What’s different:

    The Research Facility
    Cost 15
    Produces 1 research token per turn
    May be placed in any originally owned territory. May not be placed on islands.
    May only have 1 per territory
    Is AA capable same as factories
    May be SBR’d. Max damage is 20. Will continue to produce while damaged. Is          
    destroyed when max damaged. Is capturable.
    Every nation except China starts with one in their capital. India doesn’t get one.
    You may still purchase tokens normally.


    Optional rules are player enforced. Some may require the use of edit.
    The above mentioned rules are encouraged.
    It is suggested that neutral countries not purchase additional facilities until at war( here’s looking at you USA and Russia) :). If you don’t want neutral countries to have research capability kill their facilities with edit.
    Upon capture facility may be destroyed. Use edit.

    Tech Tree:
    This is heavily influenced by Der Kuenstler’s Awesome tech chart which can be found under house rules here:

    DK’s Arms Research System…

    The following techs are the same as found in triplea unless otherwise specified.

    Rounds 1-3
    Super Subs: same
    AA Radar: same
    Increased Factory Production: same
    Conscription: 2 free infantry are placed in your capital at the end of the politics phase. May not move these units that turn. Note: If your capital is conquered it will still produce two infantry. Kill with edit.
    Improved Artillery: same
    Improved Mech Infantry: same

    Rounds 4-6
    War Bonds: Receive between 1 and 8 additional IPCs.
    Long Range Aircraft: same
    Paratroopers: Each bomber may carry one infantry or marine unit into battle. Will stop upon entering first enemy territory. Note: Sometimes you will have trouble placing a move. Place any move it allows, then hit undo and try again. If you can’t find a move it will accept to undo, you will need to restart your turn. Denmark must be owned to fly through the straits. Occasionally a legal move will not be allowed. Edit the units at the start of the combat move and continue.
    Sonar: Subs now defend at 2. Is stackable with super subs.
    Shipyards: same
    Choice: You may choose any of the previous techs. Use edit. Caution! Although triplea has a remove tech option it’s not currently implemented or at least I couldn’t figure it out. It is Highly recommended to save game before editing techs.
    Note: Do Not edit Shipyard or improved mech infantry techs. They will not work. There are separate tech categories for both. If you get the choice tech, start your turn over, buy 6 tokens and roll for the specific tech. Adjust your income accordingly and continue. It is suggested to save after each turn.

    Rounds 7-11
    Heavy Bomber: same
    Jet Power: same
    Rockets: Place one free rocket in your capital upon breakthrough. Use edit.
    Cost 7
    Defend 1
    Move 2  May not fire and move same turn. May be transported same as armour.
    May have multiple rockets per territory.
    Attack same except all rockets in same territory will target same piece of infrastructure.
    Heavy Tank:
    Attack 4
    Defend 3
    Unit image remains the same when tech is activated. So don’t be surprised if a dozen German panzers hit you at 4 all of a sudden.  🙂
    Choice: same as above
    Choice: same as above

    Round 12
    Choice: same as above
    Choice: same as above
    Choice: same as above
    A-Bomb: Place one free A-Bomb in your capital upon breakthrough. Use edit.
    Cost 15
    Defend 1
    Move 6  Has same movement as a bomber.
    Attack 5  Has 12 Attack rolls.
    Impervious to AA fire.
    Max per player is 2. So you get your free one and can build one more that turn.

    Any surplus attack hits may target infrastructure. All facilities are destroyed, one hit per facility, except Major factories which go to max damage. Use edit.
    Will survive if nuked units don’t kill it. This is unintended and recommend you slay with edit if need be.
    Place a small mushroom cloud on territory to show the nuclear strike.
    Remove one IPC from the territory per strike up to the value of the territory. Use edit.
    Note: To mark a sea zone that has been nuked place a transport hit unit with the nuke unit. Submarines won’t be chosen as hits so kill them with edit when you place the nuke unit.
    See DK’s rules for other options.

    Optional:Round 18
    ICBM: Place one free ICBM in your capital upon breakthrough. Use edit.
    Cost 50
    Defend 1
    Move 30
    Attack 6  Has 100 attack rolls.
    Impervious to AA fire.
    Any surviving units function normally.

    All infrastructure is immediately destroyed. Territory becomes impassable. Edit to true neutral. Place large mushroom cloud on territory.

    Note: Due to the size of the thermonuclear explosion some countries are unable to fully support the monster mushroom cloud. It is recommended to use the smaller one in such instances.

    Copy unit. Once per game you may copy an opponent’s tech. Edit copy tech then edit the tech you want.
    It is suggested to wait one turn before copying. So if Japan gets Shipyard the US can’t copy until after Japan has gone again.

    New Units:
    CruiserAA. Has same characteristics as regular cruiser as well as 1 AA shot. May be purchased any time. Game starts with traditional cruisers.

    Escort Carrier:
    Cost 9
    Attack 0
    Defend 1
    Can carry 1 fighter or Tac bomber
    Has ASW capability.

    USMC. A American marine infantry unit. Has same abilities as infantry as well as +1 attack on amphibious assaults. Stacks with artillery. Limited to 6 total at any one time.

    SNLF. A Japanese marine infantry unit. Has same abilities as infantry as well as +1 attack on amphibious assaults. Stacks with artillery. Limited to 8 total at any one time.

    Although all countries have USMC and SNLF units, they were designed to be player specific. If you really want Italian marines though you can have them.

    The two nuke units,rocket,copy and transport hit unit are explained above.

    All valueless Pacific islands have been given 1 IPC.
    West India is now worth 1 IPC and Eastern Persia 1 IPC.
    Malta,Crete,Cyprus,Gibralter,Alexandria,Tobruk,Sardinia,Sicily are now worth 1 IPC. Gold Coast is now worth 0.
    Nenetsia,Bessarabia,Vyborg and are now worth 1 IPC.
    French Guiana and Iceland are now worth 1 IPC. Ontario is now worth 0. If you want to build a factory there you will have to use edit. Alberta/Saskatchewan is now worth 0.

    Neutral Armies:
    The composition of some of the True Neutral armies has been changed.

    National Objectives:
    Russia. 2 IPCs if Russia is at war, sea zone 124 has no axis warships,(all sea units except transports), Archangel is Russian controlled and there are no allied units in original Russian territories.

    UK. 2 IPCs if sea zone 104 has no axis warships,(all sea units except transports).

    Game Play:
    This being a tech heavy game you never know when things will nut up. The A-Bomb is a game changer but not a game ender. The ICBM is. If you suffer a ICBM strike your only hope is that your surviving armies in the field are powerful enough to conquer your enemy’s capital. So you may not want to use it. Unless you’re forced to. 🙂

    If you’re not big on tech games the increased IPC count makes for a interesting change of pace. The allies have the advantage, but Italy has a few more options and can be fun to play.
    So Kill off the research facilities and give it a try. 🙂

    There is a updated credits list in the triplea game notes.

    Below is the game xml and a zip file containing the new units you will need.
    I will post the rest of the game units and the updated objective properties after this.
    I will also post a xml without the IPC changes in the near future.

    If you are unfamiliar with adding these to triplea it goes like this:
    Open triplea
    Open maps
    Open World War II Global zip
    Put the objective properties here
    Open games folder and place the xml here
    Open the units folder and place the new units accordingly. Place the UK units in UK Pacific and UK Europe also.
    If you have any trouble let me know.

    I ran three test games and am not getting any errors. I also gave every tech to every country and it seemed ok.
    However with this many additions there may be unintended game play. Let me know if you encounter any.

    This should provide people  a way to play using some more house rules via triplea.

    🙂 P

    This link takes you to “ABomb zip.” Open triplea open maps and put it there. Do not add it to the existing Global zip.


    A-Bomb Units 1.zip

  • 2017 '16 '15

    Here are the rest of the units and objective properties.
    You will need to rename the objective properties before you place it.
    Drop the .txt at the end.

    A-Bomb Units 2.zip

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    I’m a bit puzzled about the references to ICBMs and thermonuclear explosions because those were technologies that emerged in the 1950s, not the 1940s.  The German V2 rocket was either a SRMB or an IRBM (I can’t recall what the dividing line is between short-range and intermediate-range ballistic missiles), and the American bombs dropped on Japan were fission-based (atomic) rather than fusion-based (thermonuclear) weapons.

  • 2017 '16 '15

    @ CWO Marc

    Just another “what if” scenario. As in:

    What if Japan didn’t attack the US and went straight to India?
    What if Germany developed atomic bombs before the US did?
    What if the war drug on and accelerated the development of the hydrogen bomb?

    More of a “gimmick” than a viable game option. A-Bombs impact it pretty significantly on their own.
    That’s why their limited.

    The object was to provide a bunch of different options so people would be able to create more house rules games using triplea.

  • 2019 '15 '14

    I dig it 😄 I can see some applications for cold war era mods to the basic A&A style game as well. Nice work dude!

  • 2017 '16 '15

    Here’s one that doesn’t have any IPC changes or the added Russian and UK NOs.


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